By Corrie Haffly

Linear Dodge in Photoshop

By Corrie Haffly

A quick review of my entry about Linear Burn reminds us that Linear Burn was similar to Multiply mode — just “darker.” So, surprise, Linear Dodge is similar to Screen mode — just “lighter.”

Let’s start again with my rose picture:


Add a pawprint layer:

The lighter the area on the pawprint layer, the brighter the rose layer becomes:

(Download sample. psd file)

Just as Linear Burn results in a darker image (save for pure white blending areas), Linear Dodge will usually result in a lighter image. This means that we can add another method of quickly lightening images into our growing list of techniques! Let’s start with the baby hand image that I used in the Screen Mode example:

One duplicated layer, set to Linear Dodge, results in a much lighter image:

You can always play with the opacity of that layer to tone down the brightness.

(Download sample. psd file)

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