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Build a Better User Registration Page with jQuery

By Lee Clontz



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In this video, produced by our sister company Learnable, you’ll learn the basics of jQuery UI by turning a site registration form into a multipart, tabbed interface that works great with mouse, keyboard or touch. You’ll learn how to properly format the form’s HTML properly for jQuery UI’s tabs, how to implement a unified theme for your UI widgets and how to use jQuery buttons to traverse the form as well as some basic validation.

Lee has spent the past twenty years working at the intersection of journalism, academics and technology, amassing a broad array of experience producing and teaching with digital media. He has been a manager, teacher, trainer, producer and coder, and specializes in quickly adopting and synthesizing new technologies to create content and content management processes for a variety of media. He is currently an academic technologist at Emory University, charged with producing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the Coursera platform and managing the university’s WordPress and Google Search Appliance services.

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