jQuery selector first x items of specific class

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I’ve been playing around with this a little. Grabbing a specific number of DOM elements based on a specified class.

Update 27/11/12: Optimised versions below.

First, basics to get the first and last elements like so:

var firstSpan = $('span.class:first'),
    lastSpan = $('span.class:last');

To get all the elements that match a specified class like so:

var allSpans = $('span.class').get();

or the nth/xth element like so:

var firstSpan = $('span.class').get(0),
    secondSpan = $('span.class').get(1);

But how to get say the first 10 elements or elements 10-20?

It would be nice to go something like:

var mySpans = $('span.class').get(0,10);

Unfortunately, the .get() function doesn’t allow for a range to be passed, but just a single index. So here is an attempt to use the jQuery .get() function to include a range of elements.

  //function that gets a range of dom elements against a jQuery selector
  //returns an array of dom elements
  $.fn.getRange = function(start,end)
    var elems = [];
    for ( var i = start; i Optimised versions
Thanks to Vlad, Redky and Daniel.

Using slice. 
var $el = $('div').get().slice(0,10);

Using :gt :lt

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