Java and JavaScript Handy Links List

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AlphaBeans – The alphaBeans repository includes over 50 different JavaBeans all aimed at making life easier for Java programmers. The JavaBeans, can be downloaded, for FREE, and used to develop Java applets or applications.

Black Coffee – Applications, Resources and tons of source code for Java programmers. Java Applets – provides FREE, visually impressive, top-quality JAVA applets, all with thorough,
free download kits.

FreewareJava – An excellent starting point to everything Java on the net. Here you’ll find direct links to free Java applets of all types, Java tutorials, references, articles, and everything in between.

Focus on Java – A large collection of articles about Java, as well as a slew of links to everything Java related (books, tutorials, FAQ’s, newsgroups etc.)

GameLan – The biggest Java site on the internet, containing links to everything you could ever want to know about Java. They even have a Java Applet Search Engine.

Javalobby – An online community dedicated to Java.

JARS – The Java applet rating service, points you to the best Java applets on the internet.

JavaSoft – This site is run by Sun Microsystems, the people responsible for inventing Java. Visit this site to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Java FAQs – A large collection of FAQ’s relating to Java programming.

JavaWorld – An online magazine devoted to Java.

Just Java Design – A growing collection of custom Java navigation applets.

The Java Center – A large Java gallery, and an applet of the month chosen by visitors.


A1 JavaScripts – This site is extremely niched towards serious web developers, and contains a mighty collection of JavaScripts, and DHTML scripts alike.

Cut and Paste Javascript – A large collection of free Javascripts for the taking including Javascript games, order forms and such. An extensive link page has pointers to places where you can learn how to modify these scripts.

Defomete JavaScript Resource -If you have any questions relating to JavaScript this is the site to visit. You can get free advice from the Pro’s here.

Focus on JavaScript – Organized links to thousands of JavaScripts and tutorials.

HotWired JavaScript – A 5 day JavaScript Tutorial, along with other interesting articles relating to JavaScript.

JavaScript Authoring Guide – This guide made by Netscape covers the basics of JavaScript and language concepts. It also has a useful reference section.

JavaScript – Covers JavaScript from basic to the advanced topics. – Free cut & paste JavaScripts in a variety of categories.

JavaScript Developer – Lots of useful JavaScript related information for anyone who develops JavaScripts.

Javascript City – Free scripts, tutorials, documentation, and more.

JavaScript No Content Website – Various articles relating to JavaScript and a JavaScript mailing list.

JavaScript World – Very well designed site, loaded with useful FAQs, hundreds of example JavaScript programs, and tutorials. Highly Recommended.

JavaScript – Has a JavaScript chatroom and lots of links.

JavaScript Resources – A huge collection of links to JavaScript related sites, archives, mailing lists, and FAQs

ScriptSearch – A script search engine. You can look for JavaScripts, Perl scripts and more.

RD Site Builder – This site has a collection of well organized and easy to understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XHTML, ASP, tutorials with lots of working examples and source code.

The JavaScript Source – One of the internets biggest collections of JavaScripts, a very nice site.

Webpedia – JavaScript archive with hundreds of scripts organized into various

Website Abstraction – JavaScript Tutorials and lots of great scripts for the taking. A very well done site.

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