10 More Browser Tweaks with jQuery

By Sam Deering

We’ve been sharing tons of Browser Tweak plugins and we know that you haven’t had enough yet because you just love fixing browser errors! ;) In this post, we will share another set. Check out this 10 Browser Tweaks with jQuery that you may find useful.

1. Wresize – IE Resize event Fix Plugin

jQuery plugin for fixing the IE window resize bug. In IE the window resize event is fired multiple times per actual resize: it is a well-known issue for IE6 and IE7, but they misbehave along different patterns. Actually it seems that IE6 is worse than IE7.

2. jQuery ifixpng

This plugin designed to fix that problem by applying appropriate filters to user specified elements, while keeping all element tags intact.

3. jQuery pngFix

This plugin will fix the missing PNG-Transparency in Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 & 6.

4. Background Iframe

The bgiframe plugin is chainable and applies the iframe hack to get around zIndex issues in IE6. It will only apply itself in IE6 and adds a class to the iframe called ‘bgiframe’. The iframe is appended as the first child of the matched element(s) with a tabIndex and zIndex of -1.

5. QinIE – for proper display of Q tags in IE

The purpose of Q tags (defined in HTML 4.0 and W3C DOM Level 1) is to represent quotations more semantically, accessibly, and typographically-correct. Like many things, they haven’t caught on because IE didn’t support them.

6. jQuery Accessibility Plugin

To use jQuery Accessibility Plugin – first you must have jQuery and the jQuery Cookie Plugin. This plugin has been tested with version 1.1.3 on FireFox2 on Ubuntu 7.04.

7. jQuery MouseWheel Plugin

There are two ways you can use the mousewheel event. You can use the mousewheel and unmousewheel helpers or just use the typical bind and unbind syntax.

8. Link Scrubber

Removes the dotted line onfocus from links.

9. jQuery Perciformes

The entire suckerfish family under one roof.

10. jQuery-placeholder

This plugin is used to support the HTML5 placeholder attribute on most non-HTML5-compliant browsers.

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  • Conrad

    Regrading Link Scrubber: This link outlining (dotted line on focus) always annoyed me!

    Giving the link to this js plugin and reading through, I discovered (FINALLY) that it can be removed just using CSS:

    a { outline: none; }
    a img { border:0px; outline: none; }

    This outlining annoyed me a long time. You released my ‘pain’, thanks :)

    # Following jquery4u is worth it!

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