Hints to Help you Get Across the GeekGames Finish Line

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Win a MacBook Air + iPad3 in the GeekGamesThe GeekGames close this weekend …

… and that means someone is going to win the overall prize of a Macbook Air and iPad3 – with 9 runner-ups each getting there hands on a Kindle touch!

We’ve had a fair few questions about how the secret scoring algorithm works across the 3 games of: Mouse-Questrian, Spam-Shoot and Pong-Long. Without giving too much away, here are a few hints:

  1. There is a maximum OVERALL score (hint … the current winning scores are getting pretty close to it. Also, each of the three games contribute equally to the overall score.)
  2. In Mouse-Questrian .. speed is everything (so find a way to stay close to the line, but get across the finish as quickly as you can).
  3. In Spam-Shoot … you’re well rewarded for shooting the ‘bad-guys’ (blue spam emails) and also NOT shooting the ‘good-guys’ (orange non-spam emails) But shooting a ‘good-guy’ AND missing shooting a ‘bad-guy’ will seriously hurt your chances AND lower your score.
  4. In Pong-Long … it’s all about getting your score as high as you can. But do-the-math on the maximum overall score achievable (see #1 above) and you’ll also know when to stop :)

Okay, that’s it.

Good luck to you and the thousands of other GeekGamers, as you push towards the finishing line and the closing of the GeekGames.

Enjoy … and make sure you also take New Relic up on their GeekGames Data Nerd t-shirt offer!


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