Free PDF Download: Firefox 3 Revealed!

    Matthew Magain
    Matthew Magain

    Our newest book is now available in PDF format only—and it’s FREE!

    Firefox 3 Revealed front cover

    It’s called Firefox 3 Revealed: What’s New, What’s Hot, & What’s Not. Here’s how it came about.

    When I first discussed the idea with Fabio Cevasco of writing an article that described all of the new features in Firefox 3 and how to use them, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

    Fabio had written for us only once before (an excellent introduction to CakePHP). Knowing that the final release of Firefox 3 was imminent, we wanted to try and publish his article as close as possible to the official release date.

    When he submitted his 8,000+ word masterpiece last week, however, my initial thoughts were “That’s not an article—it’s an eBook!”

    Consequently, the whole team here at SitePoint has spent the past few days working hard to get Fabio’s comprehensive guide to the new features in Firefox 3 professionally edited, formatted and available for download. And I’m proud to say that we pulled it off in time!

    So here’s what I recommend you do.

    1. First, go download our new eBook (it’s free), Firefox 3 Revealed: What’s New, What’s Hot, & What’s Not. We think it’s the most comprehensive guide to all of the new features in everybody’s favourite browser.
    2. Then, go and download Firefox 3. Do it today (it’s available, like, any minute now!). You’ll help the Firefox team enter the Guinness Book of Records for the most downloaded software application in a single day! (it’s also free)
    3. Finally, go vote for this eBook giveaway at digg, delicious, and any other social networking platform that you enjoy using.
    4. We like giving stuff away, so we’d love for you to help us spread the word.