Five Beautiful Free Fonts From Conqueror Paper

    Jennifer Farley
    Jennifer Farley
    Conqueror papers
    are launching a paper range and as part of the promotion, manufacturer Arjowiggins has commissioned five new typefaces which they are making available for free download to us lucky designers. The typefaces have been designed by French typographer Jean Francois Porchez of Typofonderie. The information for each font you see below comes from the read me file. AW Conqueror Didot “The AW Conqueror Didot typeface is not inspired by the Didot dynasty of the early 19th century but rather the spectacular interpretations of them appearing in the 1960s and 70s. Decades in which large type sizes were all the rage in advertising and publishing, contrasted typefaces were everywhere. This new font is an ode to the heyday of dry-transfer alphabets and Herb Lubalin, the typographer who mastered the ‘tight but not touching’ art of glyphs set ascloseasthis without overlapping.” Didot AW Conqueror Sans
    “The AW Conqueror Sans typeface draws inspiration from those in vogue in Europe between World Wars I and II. With its geometric lines it evokes the spirits of both Bauhaus and the Art Déco period. AW Conqueror Sans, a contemporary Sanserif, is the cornerstone of the family and the jumping off point for the rest of the typefaces. Any text may be swapped around without changing the layout. More commonly seen in Renaissance italics, swashes capitals have also been added.” Sans AW Conqueror Inline “Several titling typefaces made their appearance at the start of the 20th century, notably Acier and Bifur, both created by French poster artist Cassandre.Later, in the Netherlands, S.H. de Ross designed a version of Inline for its Nobel family called, naturally, Nobel Inline. AW Conqueror Inline pays homage to this beautiful version.” Inline AW Conqueror Carved “This typeface encapsulates perfectly the lettering styles in fashion during the 19th century quite often in the frontispieces of books. It wasn’t rare to see these kinds of typefaces, with their variations in depth and relief effects, adorning boxes and other forms of packaging of the time.” Download includes Regular (All), Layer One (background), Layer Two (outline), Layer Three (stripes), Layer Four (shadow): Carved
    AW Conqueror Slab This fontdraws inspiration from geometrical slab serifs of the 1930s, of which Rockwell is a perfect example… In recent years, ‘slabs’ have made a comeback in the graphic design world. AW Conqueror Slab advances the cause quite happily.” Slab Promotional work to go with the new fonts include brochures and these short videos with the tagline “It’s not what you say … it’s how you say it”.
    To get your mitts on these lovely fonts, just register on the site and you’ll receive an email with download details.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Conqueror Paper Fonts

    What is the history behind the Conqueror Paper Fonts?

    The Conqueror Paper Fonts were created by Jean François Porchez, a renowned typeface designer. The fonts were initially designed for the Conqueror paper company as a promotional tool. The fonts have since gained popularity due to their unique design and versatility, making them a favorite among graphic designers and typographers.

    How many variations of Conqueror Paper Fonts are there?

    There are five main variations of the Conqueror Paper Fonts, namely: AW Conqueror Didot, AW Conqueror Carved, AW Conqueror Inline, AW Conqueror Sans, and AW Conqueror Slab. Each variation has its unique characteristics and uses, offering a wide range of options for designers.

    What are the unique features of AW Conqueror Didot?

    AW Conqueror Didot is a modern interpretation of the classic Didot typeface. It features a high contrast between thick and thin strokes, making it ideal for headlines and large text. It also has a wide range of weights and styles, including regular, italic, and bold.

    How can I use AW Conqueror Carved in my designs?

    AW Conqueror Carved is a decorative typeface that features intricate details and patterns. It’s perfect for creating eye-catching headlines, logos, and posters. You can also use it to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your designs.

    What makes AW Conqueror Inline unique?

    AW Conqueror Inline is a display typeface that features a unique inline effect. This effect creates a sense of depth and dimension, making the text stand out. It’s perfect for creating impactful headlines and titles.

    Can I use AW Conqueror Sans for body text?

    Yes, AW Conqueror Sans is a versatile typeface that can be used for both headlines and body text. It features a clean and simple design, making it easy to read even at small sizes. It also has a wide range of weights and styles, allowing you to create a variety of text styles.

    What is the best way to use AW Conqueror Slab?

    AW Conqueror Slab is a slab serif typeface that is perfect for creating strong and impactful headlines. It can also be used for body text, especially in designs that require a bold and robust typeface.

    Are the Conqueror Paper Fonts free to use?

    Yes, the Conqueror Paper Fonts are free to use. You can download them from the official Conqueror website. However, please note that the fonts are subject to the terms and conditions of the Conqueror Paper company.

    Can I use the Conqueror Paper Fonts for commercial projects?

    Yes, you can use the Conqueror Paper Fonts for commercial projects. However, it’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions of the font license to ensure that you’re using the fonts correctly.

    Where can I find inspiration for using the Conqueror Paper Fonts?

    You can find inspiration for using the Conqueror Paper Fonts on various design websites and blogs. You can also check out the official Conqueror website, which features a gallery of designs created using the fonts.