By Sam Deering

Embed Interactive jsFiddle Snippets on your Web Page

By Sam Deering

I just found out that you could embed interactive jsfiddle snippets on your webpage (not sure how long its been available, but thought it was worth a mention!). This is how you might go about embedding interactive jsFiddle code snippets live on your web page.


  1. Go to and create your snippet
  2. Navigate to Menu > Share > Embed Code (embeds in an iFrame).
  3. Copy the iFrame code into your webpage HTML



Here is the demo of a jsfiddle embed – the cool things is you can switch between js, css etc and run the code live on the page, just press the play button!


Happy fiddling!

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  • jquerybyexample

    I am already using this feature on my blog from last couple of months..

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  • Anil Kumar

    How can I hide CSS tab which is not applied and also can set Result tab as the first tab?

    • Hi Anil, not sure it’s possible to hide specific tabs, what is the link to your page so i can have a look.

  • Michael Donte Cordero

    Hello, I am trying to embed this to a blank html file. For some reason, I keep getting this issue: “file or directory not found” with a said file image. Any ideas?

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