8 Great Ad Server Solutions

Sean P Aune

Ever feel overwhelmed by your advertising? That’s where ad servers come into play as they let you swap out ads quickly after only putting the HTML or JavaScript tags in your site once.  After you’re all set up, you just need to head to your server whenever you need to change an ad. You can also monitor stats, geo-target ads and make numerous other little tweaks to make sure you are optimizing your returns.

What are you waiting for?  Find the server solution that best suits your needs!

ADTECH: ADTECH’s ad serving solution trends towards larger sites, but if you fit in with them, it does offer some fairly impressive features such as live testing, real-time monitoring, user tracking, rich media support and a whole lot more.

Atlas Solutions: Atlas Solutions focuses heavily on allowing you to use the real-time data it collects to make more organized decisions about which ads you should be serving and to whom.  You can also prioritize advertisements that are needed to keep your advertisers happy and make sure they get the impressions they want.

Bluestreak: A third-party ad server that allows you to upload your creatives and preview them before setting them live.  Reports are updated every 20 minutes to allow you to adjust any campaigns you are running in near real-time.  Bluestreak puts a heavy emphasis on rich media, so it’s very video ad friendly.

DoubleClick: DoubleClick is probably the best known of all the ad servers out there, but it is mostly for the controversy that once surrounded its tracking of users, and the lengthy time the purchase by Google took to be approved.  DoubleClick still operates as a separate entity and focuses heavily on making widgets out of rich media ad campaigns.  They also provide you with forecasting tools to help you predict future campaign needs.

Google Ad Manager: Leave it to Google to come up with one of the simplest solutions out on the market for ad servers.  With Google Ad Manager you simply define which sections of your site you want to serve ads for and then generate code for each one individually.  Once the code is entered, all creative uploads can be handled in the manager where you can also get reports on how each ad spot and individual ad is performing.

OpenX: OpenX, formerly known as phpAdsNew, gives you the option of using a hosted solution for your ad serving, or you can download it and run everything from your side.  You can manage inventory easily with just a few check marks, geo-target ads by country so only the visitors you want to be served will be, view statistics for each ad placement and more.

Smart AdServer: Smart AdServer focuses on rich media campaigns for sites in Europe and features the ability to launch just about any style of advertisement you can think of in just three clicks.  Using real-time monitoring, you can choose on the fly if you want to target the ads based on geography, ISP, browser, keywords and more.

SiteScout: SiteScout is run by a small, Canadian team who, in 2010, launched their innovative Real Time Bidding platform for running ads with ability to target specific demographics.

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