5 HTML5 YouTube jQuery Plugins

Sam Deering

Today, check out our collection of 5 HTML5 YouTube jQuery Plugins. They promote the use of happy happy joy joy HTML5 and YouTube. Enjoy =)

1. HTML5 Video & Youtube Background

HTML5 video and youtube gallery / background with Flash backup for older browsers and many customization options and special features like skip intro with cookie detection.


2. jQ Youtube Player

A JQuery/HTML5 based YouTube channel player that works on any browser, iPad and iPhone included.


3. jQuery YouTube TubePlayer Plugin

The TubePlayer plugin allows developers to focus on functionality as opposed to infrastructure around the YouTube player. The plugin also provides events that can be triggered on it allowing developers to create a customized player remote, programmatically control videos, gain access for analytics purposes and much more.

Source + Demo

4. YouTube HTML5 Video Player

Many YouTube videos will play using HTML5 in supported browsers. You can request that the HTML5 player be used when possible.

Source + Demo

5. HTML5 Video Wrapper for YouTube and Vimeo API – MediaElement.js

To make the YouTube and Vimeo APIs easier to use, I wrapped the MediaElement.js shim structure around their proprietary APIs to make them feel like HTML5.