30 Text Captions Overlay Image Plugins

Sam Deering
Sam Deering

We all know the saying “a picture can tell a thousand words”, this may be true, but sometimes it is important to show captions on images to give more details. And once again with the use of jQuery, we can make fantastic text overlay effects that occurs when you mouseover the image. Displaying captions this way can also save web page space at the same time. We bring you 30 Text Captions Overlay Image Scripts & Plugins, hopefully there is one that catches your eye! Enjoy!

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1. Overlay Text over an Image with a Very Simple jQuery Snippet

This post will show you how much jQuery is helpful to give a trendy face of the presentation of your images. There are some developers who want only to put fixed text messages above the images. But there are others who like to add some spices to their images look.
Source Demo

2. jQuery Capty

Is a plugin that creates captions over the images.
Source & Demo

3. jQuery Image Overlay Plugin

The image overlay plugin is a simple jQuery plugin that attempts to present an image with an overlaid title/caption. The overlay drops in on hover, as you can see below.

4. Hover Image Text

This project allows you to create images along with descriptive text that is displayed on mouse over, similar to a tool hip, however the text is overlayed over the image.
Source Demo

5. Mosaic

Sliding Boxes and Captions jQuery Plugin
Source Demo

6. Beautiful Image Captions with jQuery Captify Plugin

Captify is a plugin for jQuery written by Brian Reavis to display simple, pretty image captions that appear on rollover. It has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and the wretched Internet Explorer.
Source Demo

7. Image Captions

Adds caption to images. Captions are pulled from the alt tag or the html for a specified element. Still only version 0.1, this is more a proof of concept then a production version.

8. jCaption

Is a jQuery plugin designed to make adding captions to a page dead simple. It takes an image element and uses one of its attributes to build the markup for a caption.
Source Demo

9. JQuery hover caption plugin

A simple jQuery plugin that adds both a caption and a gray-out effect when hovering over an image.
Source & Demo

10. jQuery Captify (v1.1.3)

Small/simple, and completely ready for use in production environments.

11. Making Image Captions using jQuery

In this tutorial we will make a nice semi-transparent image caption using jQuery. The image caption will be triggered on hover.
Source Demo

12. How to create an image caption with jQuery

This image caption is not a plugin – It merely allows you to understand how a jQuery image caption would be created.
Source Demo

13. jSquares for jQuery

Is a jQuery plugin that pops up an image and a description in an overlay on hover.
Source Demo

14. Boxy

Provides a jQuery plugin for automatically hooking up links and forms, as well as an ask() helper for presenting multiple choices to the user.

15. jCapSlide: A jQuery Image Caption Plugin

Here is a new plugin for creating nice sliding captions for images. When hovering over the image, the caption appears and the image gets a semi-transparent color overlay.
Source Demo

16. jQuery Drop Captions Plugin

Drop captions takes an image’s title attribute and converts it into a caption that appears only when the mouse is moved over the image. It’s also totally degradable if the user has JavaScript disabled; the title attribute will still display the exact same text.
Source Demo

17. Animated image Caption for WordPress with jQuery

The image caption has been implemented in WordPress for now. Learn in this tutorial how to manipulate the image caption so it appears only on mouseover. (The original article is written in German, use google translator to translate it to english).
Source Demo

18. jQuery Image ‘Wrap’ Captions

Simply place some text in the title attribute and give the image class=”captionme” and you will get lovely “wrap-around” captions which compliment your inline images.
Source & Demo

19. Create a Thumbnail with Fading Caption Using jQuery

This tutorial will show you how to create a fading caption for your thmbnail gallery. It uses jQuery framework and CSS to create this transparent and fading effect.
Source Demo

20. Flash plugin: Captions

You can supply the Captions information as an external text file or embed them inside an mp4 container.

21. EasyImageCaption

A plugin generates captions from images’ TITLE or ALT tags in articles and displays them below (or above) the images. It has been developed as an alternative to Joomla!’s built-in javascript caption solution as well as to the JCE editor’s caption plugin.
Source Demo

22. iCaptionate: automatic image captions

It can automatically caption any images you want, without adjusting the page layout as they float or dropdown and uses the title attribute for the caption!
Source Demo

23. jQuery Footer Caption

Adds a footer caption on an image, div box or other any DOM element. You can set some options for use a custom text too.

24. jquery.pictext

Creates an overlay with a caption to images from the tag’s title or alt text.

25. JQuery Stack Banner Slideshow with Captions

Use this sexy and stylish banner slideshow to spice up your website.
> 2 version layout (vertical and horizontal).
> 2 directional movement (forward and backward).
> Adjust image size and borders.
> Unlimited captions allowed.
> Captions can be linked.
> Adjust drop shadows.
> Adjust slideshow speeds and rotation angles.
> Adjust caption opening speeds and delays.
> Auto starts slideshow.
> Cool circle filling pre loader included.
> Installation instructions included.
> Rotation supported even in old Internet Explorer versions.
Source Demo

26. jQuery Doom Carousel Plugin

Here comes jQuery Doom Carousel with the ability of the jQuery Easing plugin integration.
Source Demo

27. jQuery plugin: captionate images

jQuery plugin that adds a caption to the bottom of images this is useful for displaying additional text about images when a user hover over the image.
Source Demo

28. CSS3 Image & Text Overlay

This plugin allows you quickly make a rollover overly for an image.
Source Demo

29. Making Image Overlay Caption Using CSS

Making Image Overlay Caption Using CSS
Source Demo

30. jQuery Feature Carousel

This plug-in was intended to be used to display feature stories on a home page of a website, but can be used for any reason and is highly customizable. It will always display three images at the same time, with all the rest hidden behind the center image.
Source & Demo