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21 Gorgeous Mobile Navigation Designs

By Gabrielle Gosha

In this day and age, technology governs almost every aspect of professional, social, and everyday life. It’s everywhere we go, and for the most part it helps keep us connected to whatever we consider important. We spend more time communicating via backlit screens than we do face to face, and whether it’s healthy or not, we are tied to our gadgets, primarily our mobile phones.

From iPhones, and Samsungs to Androids and the Windows Phone, most us are carrying a smartphone everywhere. Despite the inherent convenience of smartphones, your phone’s utility is only as good as the interfaces of the apps themselves. While design isn’t always everything, a functional yet beautifully designed navigational menu is the keystone of a smooth, intuitive app experience that gets you the content and information that you need exactly when and where you need it.

Below are 21 of these masterfully-designed mobile interfaces.







Google Music

google music

Live Messages

live messages





Dribbble for iPhone 5


Dolny Śląsk Guide

Dolny Śląsk Guide

Call of Duty Elite




L’Art au Paradis 2012










Steam Redesign




Reebok Sports Club


Daelim Museum

daelim museum

Quality Time

quality time

Do you have any apps or interfaces to add to the list? Do you favor apps with well-design interface architecture, or do you consider a clean, thoughtful interface little more than an enhancement to a mobile app?

  • Ahmed Abdulwhab

    All 21 are so gorgeous designs and with quality colours selection.

    • Gabrielle

      Thanks Ahmed. I’m glad you liked the showcase.

  • Ron

    Some interesting and attractive designs here.

    Would be nice to see some smartphone diversity in the pictures. Tablets are mobile too, and some great examples of navigation on tablets would be handy too.

    • Gabrielle

      Hi Ron thanks for commenting. I know there is a debate of whether or not tablets are truly mobile devices and prefer to leave those types of discussions for others. Next time I will make sure to use a title for better distinction so that the reader knows the showcase will be featuring smartphone app designs but I do make that clear in the intro.

      As far as more “smartphone diversity in the pictures”, I’m guessing you’re referring to the iPhone being used to showcase the navigation designs. I know a lot of these here are just mock-ups by designers and to be honest the showcase is meant to bring attention to their designs rather than the smartphone itself.

  • Sohail Shahid

    Its very nice & clean UI :) Good Work

    • Gabrielle

      Great to know that you like the designs Sohail.

  • charles

    These are all iPhone apps…

  • Karen Walters

    Incredible Stuff !!! One of the common challenges when designing responsive design for mobile is the navigation menu.
    Nice job and Keep it Up.

    • Gabrielle

      Very true Karen and thanks for commenting!

  • Abhinit Parelkar

    Wow this is how an User Interface Should be… Simply a Rich User Interface ! Wonderfu !!!l

  • ValueCoders

    Hey Gabrielle, Thanks for sharing amazing mobile navigation design which helps mobile developer to increase the user engagement over their apps.

    • Gabrielle

      Hi ValueCoders, thanks for commenting and no problem.

  • mishacreatrix

    Great list here, very inspirational stuff :)

    • Gabrielle

      Thanks, glad you found them inspiring :)

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