15 Gorgeous “Under Construction” Themes

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Almost every website worth its clout goes under construction at one point or another. Frequent redesigns are often a sign of a very well-curated website and a business behind it that’s willing to invest in maintaining a modern, effective web presence.

As designers, even if we get it our design right the first time, we’ll eventually want to make some changes. When you’re strapped for time or resources, handling the redesign yourself can take longer than expected. Even hiring a professional team to handle it can result in the same delays due to unforeseen issues or complications.

Besides favicons, landing pages, and even invoices, “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” pages are among the most overlooked design opportunities. Even if you haven’t officially launched your site or web app yet, sending new visitors, existing traffic, or clients to a half-baked, thoughtless “Under Construction” page may result in  a decrease in anticipation, lost interest, or it could simply make your site seem amatuerish. Your “Coming Soon” page doesn’t have to be awful; these 15 “Under Construction” themes are ridiculously simple, clean, and downright classy.

1. Type Anime

  • Email notification opt-in
  • CSS3, including text animations
  • Countdown ticker
  • Easily integrates with Twitter
  • Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE 8+

2. Cinco

  • Email/subscription opt-in
  • Customizable launch countdown
  • Excellent social media integration
  • Exceptionally clean code
  • Sliding HTML footer widget

3. Launch HTML Theme

  • Modern, clean design
  • Email opt-in and Mailchimp integration field
  • Fully functional contact form
  • Simple Twitter integration
  • Launch countdown timer

4. Coming Soon Under Construction CountDown

  • Ultra clean design and feel
  • Prominent launch countdown ticker
  • Mobile-friendly theme
  • 4 different theme options (background image, gallery, video, SWF)
  • Newsletter/update opt-in

5. Landerous

  • 5 gorgeous color templates
  • Clean countdown timer
  • Contains customizable PSD
  • Brilliantly simple to use and modify
  • Newsletter/email opt-in

6. Easy Coming Soon w/Pie Chart

  • Ridiculously simple to customize
  • Custom social media icons (organic to theme)
  • Unique Pie Chart countdown
  • Works in all major browsers (including IE 6+)
  • 10 amazing color variations

7. Constructive

  • No coding required
  • 100% free support
  • Newsletter/update opt-in & contact form
  • Amazing countdown ticker design
  • Stocked with jQuery extras

8. Arto

  • 3 separate portfolio formats (video/gallery/image)
  • Clean countdown ticker (jQuery)
  • Clean social media icons
  • Fully animated portfolio
  • Integrates with Prettyphoto

9. Mustach

  • Fully responsive framework
  • Simple, elegant countdown
  • PHP-based contact form
  • Valid HTML5
  • Email/newsletter opt-in field

10. Clean & Modern

  • Numerous color themes
  • Layered PSD file
  • SEO friendly theme
  • Modern & clean jQuery countdown timer
  • Allows for custom fonts via Google Fonts

11. Under Construction

  • Ridiculously simple and clean
  • Minimalistic design
  • Works in all major browsers (IE7+)
  • Well-documented source code
  • Elegant and easy to use

12. Chronos

  • Fully adjustable countdown/ticker bar
  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms
  • Fully customizable framework
  • Newsletter/email opt-in field
  • 8 different color themes, all fully customizable

13. Blue Night

  • Endless slider
  • Email notification opt-in
  • Eye-catching design
  • Numerous background options
  • Social media & RSS integration

14. Under Construction Page w/Progress Bar

  • Unique progress bar w/updates
  • Full Twitter account integration
  • Email update & opt-in form
  • 7 color themes & ability to create custom themes
  • AJAX-based contact form

15. eConstruction

  • Slick, modern, and clean design
  • jQuery countdown timer is easily customizable
  • Progress bar with sleek description box
  • Loaded with social media icons
  • Email/update form

Do you design your “Under Construction” pages with care? Is it an opportunity to stand out and exhibit professionalism, or will not amount of thoughtful design truly improve a “Coming Soon” page?

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Kyle Sanders is an eCommerce entrepreneur and co-founder of Complete Web Resources, a WordPress design and digital marketing refinery based out of Colorado. When not living on the web, he enjoys craft beers, live music, and the occasional fútbol match.

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