15 Creative Single Page Web Designs

Gabrielle Gosha

As many designers already know, trends in the design community come and go, and they enjoy varying levels of success and longevity. Some enjoy a better reception than others, and some suffer through a surprisingly short shelf life. Single page web designs certainly aren’t a new trend for 2013 but, its continuance suggests that it’s more practical and effective than most. Like all trends, single page sites have their advantages and shortcomings, but in a world where thousands of new websites are created daily, a single page web design may be the best way to cater to the ever-shortening human attention span.

It should be noted that the single page web design isn’t perfect for every purpose; there are many considerations to make when choosing such an unusual format. Having a refined purpose for your design, triaging your content to fit a single page, and creating an interesting layout are some of the most important focal points to make your single page design meet its full potential. Today’s showcase features some great single page web designs. Hopefully you will find a little inspiration to carry momentum into your next project.

Davide Baratta

davide baratta

Baratta’s single page web design has a great setup and features a changing content box at the top. The overall design is something that could surely inspire those who are moving their portfolios online.

Reverend Danger

reverend danger

Having been featured previously in another showcase, the Reverend Danger website is creatively built, not to mention the interactive elements and animation offers a nice touch to the already unique character design and single page format.



Pusulaweb not only has a beautiful background, but the way they’ve designed this single page web design to scroll down evokes the suggestion that you are going deeper underwater.

Always Creative

always creative

Always Creative, unsurprisingly, has a creative single page web design. From the animated galactic element at the top to the static pages that are sandwiched between “Inspiration” and “Contact” pages it is a a thoughtful and distinct single page layout.



Badr Food Industries has an interesting setup going for their page, but it is a good type of interesting. The single page web design can easily be navigated by a click of the button, bringing colorful ingredients to coincide with each selected page.



Not only does Quechua feature a simple, tasteful flash intro, but their site is also a thing to marvel at. The design and elements are fairly simple at first glance, but upon second look you see how the simplicity with which the traveling images work.

Every Last Drop

every last drop

Adding animation, or at least creating a feeling that things are being animated, is a captivating concept that has been making the rounds in single page websites. As you scroll through Every Last Drop’s website, you see their representative character go through their day.

My Provence

my provence

Staying creative is a must, especially when you are using trends that aren’t that new. The illustrations accompanied by the logical order of the sites pages works in My Provence’s favor.



Food websites have been turning to single page designs lately, and for sites like Buchholzer, it’s proved to be very effective. The different color pages as you scroll down are appealing and the beautifully photographed food imagery leaves you viscerally hungry.

Teapot Creation

tea creation

Teapot Creation’s website is completely beautiful and inspiring. From the graphics to the background, you can tell a lot of careful, focused effort went into the site. The single page web design unifies all these elements together and makes it work as a collective whole.



Businesses, especially design agencies, can make a statement and attract clients by taking a less traditional route to their website design. Moka’s single page design leans more toward a minimalist design, but it still looks very professional.



Ousback’s website is inviting. The background design periodically scrolls up, giving you two different views. But, once you scroll down far enough, you get a clean and simple single page setup.

Yay Festival


Your single page website doesn’t have to feature a continuous and seamless background. Yay Festival’s website proves that by not only having a photograph background for their home page, but by using robust full color.



Adding color to your website — especially when your background is a light color — is always a good idea, and Atlassian takes advantage by combining it with a nicely-executed single page web design.

Ian James Cox

Ian James Cox Personal Website

A single page portfolio can be given depth by using design to flow through a map like experience. It may appear to be a complex site but it is a single page that flows up and down.

What do you think about single pages in web design? Do you have any favorites from the list or perhaps one that should be included?

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