11 High-paying and Remote Jobs In High Demand in 2016

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11 High-paying and Remote Jobs In High Demand in 2016

In 2015, remote work opportunities increased nearly 36%, a significant expansion on 2014’s notable 26% growth. With telecommuting technology and remote work practices continuing to improve, many jobs can now be done remotely. More companies are being enticed by the lower costs and increased productivity remote workers boast in comparison to their standard in-office counterparts, as well, and so are creating more remote opportunities.

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Though a few companies have pivoted towards being completely remote, some companies have been slow to see the benefits and adopt remote options for their employees, leaving many skilled professionals desirous of the lower-stress environment and better work-life balance available to them via remote work. Still, remote jobs have increased by over 100% since 2005, and continued growth is forecasted. With record numbers of job openings and a shortage of workers in the United States, it might be time to consider the 11 high-paying, most in-demand remote jobs that follow.

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Note: the salary figures indicated below were sourced through Indeed’s Salary Search, which utilizes an index of salary data culled from over 50 million job posts from thousands of unique sources in the past year, making them both up to date and accurate.

Node.js Developer

Average Salary: $112,000 USD

Job Description: These back-end developers manage the exchange of data between server and user by developing server-side web application logic in JavaScript and other JS variants. They are also responsible for integrating front-end components into the application, so at least a basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5 or CSS3, is necessary too.

Meteor Developer

Average Salary: $89,000 USD

Job Description: Developed in 2011, Meteor is a JavaScript web framework that has become a go-to language for real-time application development and rapid prototyping that produces code across web, Android and iOS platforms. What makes Meteor development so fast is its flexibility and simplicity. Meteor developers use an integrated JavaScript stack that reaches from the database to the front-end, allowing developers to make changes to their apps without forcing users to download updates.

Growth Hacker

Average Salary: $82,000 USD

Job Description: This is a cross-functional role that requires being a part of many areas of a company, from product management to marketing and engineering. Though “growth hacking” is somewhat undefined, most agree that the main goal is to help companies understand and grow their consumer base by fine-tuning products to meet consumer needs. Hackers are then involved in many facets along any company’s product pipeline, with a particular emphasis on conducting data analysis and creating marketing plans.

SQL Developer

Average Salary: $102,000 USD

Job Description: SQL developers design and maintain the stability, dependability and functionality of relational databases. On top of handling common database procedures like upgrades, backups and migrations, SQL developers write and optimize in-application SQL statements and solve database usage issues while coming up with the best practices to avoid future problems.

Internet of Things Engineer

Average Salary: $133,000 USD

Job Description: More and more IoT-engineered electronic systems and devices like tablets, GPS navigators, and phones are being developed to help us navigate our day. Furthermore, the world of IoT continues to expand into a wide spectrum of application areas and now includes smart cities, smart homes, and intelligent transportation. Depending on your background in hardware or software, your role in IoT shifts, but what’s most necessary is expertise in the specifics that affect IoT — electrical engineering and computer science.

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Cloud Architect

Average Salary: $109,000 USD

Job Description: Cloud architects oversee a company’s cloud computing strategy by managing and monitoring the cloud, as well as adoption plans and application design. Architects design and migrate applications to the cloud and so exercise a knowledge of the various programming languages necessary to do so, such as Java, Node.js and Python.

high-paying remote jobs

Product Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $102,000 USD

Job Description: As a Product Marketing Manager, you’ll be in charge of all outbound marketing for your products, which necessitates an eye for detail and quality, as well as the ability to communicate your product’s capabilities effectively. Knowing the product, the product’s consumer base, and the best way to grow demand for your product is crucial.

Business Development Manager

Average Salary: $99,000 USD

Job Description: Focused on building market positioning, a Business Development Manager locates, develops, negotiates, and closes business relationships. Dev Managers should be well versed in identifying trendsetting ideas, analyzing market strategies, and proposing business deals with potential partners. A passion for a certain industry goes a long way in a Dev Manager’s anticipating movement and growth, as well as the risks involved in any deal.

Environmental Engineer

Average Salary: $84,000 USD

Job Description: When the field research is completed, Environmental Engineers can work from home, designing and assessing pollution reduction and prevention plans. Knowledge of the equipment and processes used in pollution reduction and prevention is key, as are the language and communication skills necessary to writing effective reports. The need for this expertise is only set to increase: environmental law continues to expand and become more complex, and there’s little reason to believe that this will change anytime soon.

Java Developer

Average Salary: $99,000 USD

Job Description: Though the tech community recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of this highly portable language that makes robust web, desktop and mobile applications possible, Java still remains in high demand today. Java developers build Java applications, the complex groups of back-end services involved, and their front-end counterparts. Given the breadth of possibilities available to Java, developers collaborate with a team to work on various levels of the application’s infrastructure.

Business Consultant

Average Salary: $92,000 USD

Job Description: The goal of any Business Consultant is to ensure their client’s long lasting success in their industry by exercising their problem-solving skills and market/business knowledge. Business consultants are responsible for data-oriented analysis of the client’s weaknesses and the formulation and implementation of business plans.


Even though some of these jobs have been popular and lucrative for some time, there are now more and more opportunities to ditch the office for the remote workplace.

And though salaries may vary depending on experience level, the averages listed above are for remote jobs in 2016, regardless of whether you’re in New York or Singapore. So, no matter where you are, or whether you have experience in programming languages or business operations, there is a high-paying and remote job out there for you in 2016.

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