10 Unique and Inspirational Contact Forms

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Recently, I shared a roundup of some truly creative contact pages to inspire you to take a look at your own or at least get you thinking if you’re in the midst of launching your own website. The pages featured everything from talking cats to hand-drawn, animated illustrations that gave the pages a truly original feel. But, what about the actual forms themselves that are embedded into the contact pages? Is there any room for distinction and creativity there?

Not all contact pages use forms; some keep it simple by providing a number, email address, and depending on the business, the location. There are many reasons why you would want to implement a contact form on your site, primarily to provide a fast and convenient way for people to get in contact with you, whether it to inquire about a service or just offer general feedback. Today, I’m sharing ten contact forms that stand out from the pack.

svn 2 ftp_tn

SVN 2 FTP has a very interesting setup within their site. The yellow notebook paper accompanied by hand-drawn elements is a great look on a washed out and textured background. Plus, the way the paper elements are separated for each field gives the contact page a clean look.

Guillaume Pacheco

Creating your contact form so that it looks like it is part of the background instead of a separate entity can result in a stylish, appealing effect. Guillaume’s portfolio site does exactly this by having it appear that someone has written the contact information into the sand with their finger.

Eddie Lobanovskiy
eddie l_tn

In the past, one of the main forms of communication was to send a paper letter, and Eddie Lobanovskiy’s contact forms plays on this antiquated method. The contact form is beautifully designed and clearly illustrates what the sender will need to fill out in order to provide proper information.


Fidiz’s contact form offers another play on more traditional means of getting in contact with people. The site’s contact form reflects that of a postcard and even includes postage stamps. The form itself is beautifully designed and offers a nice contrast between site and form.

Reverend Danger
reverend danger_tn

Reverend Danger is a creatively crafted one-page website that is not only beautiful to look at but also interactive and fully functional. The contact form is straightforward and simple, but it works perfectly thanks to the 3D cube shaped character illustrations and sharply contrasting font choices.

Il Frutteto
il frutteto_tn

Il Frutteto’s contact form is a good example when it comes to creating related and like elements throughout ones website. Instead of going for a simple contact form they use a circular shape and with a thoughtful selection of color to visually suggest that the contact form is placed inside an apple.


Combining textures within your contact forms is a great way to separate it from the background, and Compal does this wonderfully. The wood texture works perfectly with the company’s brand as well as their goal to contribute to a sustainable environment.

Code Quest
code quest_tn

Code Quest has a really nice and functional site. It’s only fitting that they have a functional and nicely-designed contact form. The form itself is nothing flashy (no pun intended), but it is something to take a cue from with its subtle use of color and texture to simultaneously blend with and stand out from the background.

Sormen Pills
sormen pills_tn

When you are a freelancer, it is always a good idea to try to stand out from the competition, and Saioa Lopez does that beautifully. Instead of keeping her site plain, she has shared her fun side by offering up child-inspired illustrations throughout. The contact page is completely accessible and legible.

Wing Cheng
wing cheng_tn

Cheng’s website was featured in a previous article about creative “About Me” pages, and it makes the cut again with a nicely-designed contact form. The elements of the website feature a lot of handwritten elements that stand out compared to other websites. The simple color choices are another nice touch.

Do any of these contact forms inspire you? What do you look for when it comes to contact forms? Do you find that carefully-designed contract forms get more attention and inquiries than typical ones?

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