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10 jQuery Plugins for your Webpage Customization

Sam Deering

Sometimes, the good stuff is just sitting around waiting to be discovered, and we’re just so lazy to look for it. In this post is another set of 10 jQuery plugins that you might find really useful in creating or customizing your web pages. Enjoy.

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1. AutoAnchors

This plugin automatically creates anchors navigation for certain elements (for example H2) inside a container element (div, body whatever …). It automatically generates the anchors and can even make them numbered. And the whole thing is of course fully styleable through CSS.
Source & Demo

2. Backgrounder Plugin

This plugin allows you to fill the background of a page with an image–all while maintaining the aspect ratio and gracefully handling window resizing.

3. backstretcher

Stretches the image to cover a background of a page or a DIV.
Source & Demo

4. Blueberry, a jQuery image slider plugin for responsive web design

Is an experimental open source jQuery image slider plugin which was been written specifically to work with fluid/responsive web layouts.
Source & Demo

5. BogoTabs

Aside from the conventional tabs it offers the ability to create “hidden tabs”. That is, tabs which have no associated activation button, but can be displayed via programmatically activating them. This allows one to create their own custom buttons for tabs, e.g. on the sides or bottom of the tabbed panel.

6. CDZ Image Preloader

An image preloader written in JavaScript/jQuery. This preload all images on your target element including backgrounds. Doesn’t seem to be a demo though sorry.

7. fluwi

Small plugin that takes a div(or any other element) and for specified element class resizes all elements so that they fit to container. Again no demo for this one but the plugin could be worth a try if you need to squeeze elements in a container or such.

8. GridNic Simple jQuery Grid

Is a simple jQuery grid plugin for people who need visual listings.

9. haml dombuilder for jQuery

jquery-haml is a set of jQuery plugins that make building user interfaces in the browser easy. This works through a js variant of the popular haml templating language.

10. hyjack select

Hyjack Select was designed to replace traditional HTML select input controls (also known as combobox or dropdown lists). Hyjack Select enhances the select by injecting a “search like suggest” text box which queries the page-loaded select option items.
Source & Demo