10 jQuery Plugins that Provide Cool Effects

By Sam Deering

This post is a roundup of another 10 jQuery plugins that surely provide amazing and cool jQuery effects and definitely not just an ordinary plugins like the others. Check it out and enjoy yourself!

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1. jQuery Lens Flare Effect Plugin

This amazing jQuery plugin will automatically adding lens flare effect to any specific images. Look cool!

jQuery Lens Flare Effect

Source + Demo

2. jQuery Circulate Plugin

Sometimes, have you ever wanted to animate something in a circle like this by jQuery Circulate?

jQuery Circulate


3. jQuery Three Dee Plugin

jQuery Three Dee is amazing! It can converts text into 3D text. Have fun with Three Dee!

jQuery Three Dee


4. jQuery Fly-To-Basket Effect

Well, perhaps this is future trends of ‘add to cart’ function for those e-commerce sites.

jQuery Fly-To-Basket Effect


5. jQuery.moatext

Another amazing jQuery text effect plugin for you – jQuery.moatext. It make your text animated in wave-like effect when mouseover.



6. Airport Text Effect jQuery Plugin

Airport is a rather simple text plugin for jQuery. It emulates the styles of those flickering information boards on airports or train station.

Airport Text Effect

Source + Demo

7. Zoomooz jQuery Plugin

Zoomooz.js is a powerful jQuery plugin for making your web page element zoomable. Let’s zoom zoom!

Zoomooz jQuery Plugin

Source + Demo

8. jQuery Photoshoot Plugin

Have you tried photo shooting in your browser? If not, then you should really check out this amazing jQuery plugin which allows you to convert your page into a photo shooting effect.

jQuery Photoshoot Plugin


9. WD3K AJAX Sliding Contact Form

Features a jQuery-powered sliding contact form in the left border of your WordPress site. It contains client side validation and AJAX-powered mailing, so no page refresh is required. The admin panel allows you to configure all form labels, including error messages and form status messages.

WD3K AJAX Sliding Contact Form


10. jFlow Plus

Lets you create simple image sliders with text content that you can add to any post or page or place directly within your theme files. It plays nice and doesn’t interfere with any other galleries running on your site.

jFlow Plus


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