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10 jQuery Feeds to have in your RSS Reader

Here is a list of 10 jQuery Feeds to have in your RSS Reader to keep up to speed on the world of jQuery.


10 jQuery RSS Feeds

  1. Official jQuery Blog – The first place for jQuery news.
  2. Official jQuery Forum – Good place to catch the latest jQuery questions and contribute with answers.
  3. Stackoverflow jQuery – Good place to get a wide variety of jQuery questions and answers.
  4. jQuery 4u Blog – Daily jQuery Plugins & Code Snippets.
  5. Addy Osmani – Addy produces very detailed articles and tutorials on JavaScript and jQuery.
  6. Ben Nadal Blog – Ben shares Coldfusion and jQuery articles which are usually pretty interesting and in-depth.
  7. David Walsh Blog – Although David develops predominantly in Mootools, occasionally he pops up with a very good jQuery post.
  8. John Resig Blog – The guy who made jQuery what it is today.
  9. Learning jQuery – Although it’s not updated very often these days, a good jQuery post appears now and then.
  10. Official jQuery Mobile Blog – As mobile is becoming more popular you may need to stay up to date with developments.

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