10 jQuery Enhanced CSS Buttons

Sam Deering
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Nothing’s more than appealing than to have an awesome web button appearance on your webpage. As such, we have collected 10 useful CSS buttons techniques that have all been improved and enhanced by the amazing power of jQuery. Check out our tutorials below.

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1. Awesome CSS3 & jQuery Slide out Button

The inspiration for this button comes from photoshop.com where Flash is used to create a nice slide out effect. This button does not behave exactly the same, but the effect is awesome. It does not use any images and uses the border radius property to make the rounded borders.

2. iPhone Style Radio and Checkbox Switches using JQuery & CSS

A great interface for an administration panel, complete with great looking forms and buttons.

3. jQuery hashchange event

This plugin is, by design, very basic. If you want to add lot of extra utility around getting and setting the hash as a state, and parsing and merging fragment params, check out the jQuery BBQ plugin. It includes this plugin at its core, plus a whole lot more, and has thorough documentation and examples as well.

4. Button Hover Fading Transition with jQuery

Learn how to make button hover fading transition with jQuery in this tutorial.

5. Menu Buttons in 20 Lines of jQuery

The desired behavior:
> Clicking on a button opens its menu
> Clicking anywhere except inside the menu closes it

6. jQuery Glowbuttons

When you mouse over the button, it glows as it comes into focus and of course when the mouse leaves the glow slowly fades away.

7. Simple “Call to Action” Button with CSS & jQuery

In this tutorial you’re going to create an effective ‘call to action’ button with CSS and some jQuery to help grab the user’s attention and entice them to click.

8. Animated “Call to Action” Button

In this tutorial, you’ll find a walkthrough for creating a “Call to Action” button sprite in Photoshop as well as how to use jQuery to animate it. This tutorial is broken up into three sections: Photoshop, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript.

9. jQuery Imageless Buttons a la Google

This jQuery plugin is an attempt to recreate Google’s imageless buttons and prove that it doesn’t take a whole team of engineers and an endless cycle of code revision and quality control (their own words) to pull this off.

10. Cross-Browser Rounded Buttons with CSS3 and jQuery

Learn how to make a cross-browser rounded buttons with CSS3 and jQuery in this tutorial.