10 Backbone.js and jQuery Useful Plugins/Articles

Today’s post has some backbone.js useful links/resources to get you started with a new backbone project! Enjoy.

1. Epoxy.js

An elegant and extensible data binding library for Backbone.js; it provides feature-rich extensions of Backbone’s Model and View components designed to hook view elements directly to data models.

2. Backbone.validateAll

Provides an option to only validate Model properties that are currently being set or saved

3. jQuery Autocomplete Plugin for Backbone JS


Last week I took the time to write an autocomplete widget which uses a Backbone collection of models to feed it.
Source + Demo

4. Building Mobile JavaScript WebApps With Backbone.js & jQuery: Part I

In Part 1, I’ll be covering a complete run-down of Backbone 0.5.2’s models, views, collections and routers but also taking you through options for correctly namespacing your Backbone application.

5. backbone-mobile-search – Flickly Mobile

A complete Backbone.js + jQuery Mobile sample app using AMD for separation of modules, Require.js for dependency management + template externalisation and Underscore for templating.

6. backbone.layoutmanager v0.6.6

Provides a logical structure for assembling layouts with Backbone Views. Designed to be adaptive and configurable for painless integration.
Source + Demo

7. jQuery UI Drag and Drop in a Backbone JS Application

The backbone to do list application is well documented in this split screen annotated source file that really helped me a lot.

8. Using backbone.js with jQuery UI Modals

This is really good for decoupling your code and makes for a very good code structure but can be a headacke when trying to control popups.
Source + Demo

9. jQuery UI and Backbone.js

Before doing anything else with my little Backbone.js calendar application, I would like to be able to add new appointments / calendar events. I have been doing that via the CouchDB backend and it is getting a bit old.

10. Backbone.js Stack

Provides a client-side full stack and guidelines for building enterprise grade HTML5 applications. It could be used with any server backend: Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, JEE, Spring, Grails …