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WebCamp Zagreb 2015 - a Conference You Must Not Miss

By Bruno Skvorc



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What do some of the most influential community members of the web development world, like Bob Ippolito, Jaime Levy, Premshree Pillai and Peter Chittum, have in common? They’re all coming to WebCamp Zagreb!

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WebCamp is an annual conference for web developers, held in Zagreb on the first weekend of October. This year, it falls on October 3rd and 4th.

The Talks

The talks lineup is excellent and incredibly interesting. The 30 or so talks will cover anything from distributed databases (by our very own Chris Ward) and JavaScript in cars to UX Strategy, Failing Agile and even meta stuff like Why You Should Talk.

Photo from WCZG2014

Interestingly, the community voted for 6 of the talks – they weren’t all organizer-picked. This is an excellent idea which produced half a dozen of interesting additional topics we’ll be hearing about; I wish more conferences adopted this approach. Originally, the talks people could vote on were anonymized, but this didn’t resonate well with the ticket holders (predictably, they want their money to pay for the presence of their idols – the chance to meet some influentials often outweighs the topics they might talk about) so the voting process was updated.

If you’d like to see some talks from last year – see the Youtube channel.

Language and Perks

Shirt and badge
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All talks will be held in English, so the conference is 100% internationalized. At close to 800 attendees (so far!), they wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, 800. It really is such a strong conference.

All attendees also get breakfast, lunch and a drinkup/snack afterwards – which is much more than one might expect for the low ticket price. Unfortunately, we’re telling you about this conference a bit too late to get swag bags with every ticket purchase. Turns out there are still some swag bags left! Hurry up and buy your ticket – you get a shirt and a bunch of goodies!


If you’ve heard of WebCamp before, you might be surprised to learn about them charging for tickets this year – the conference had traditionally been free to attend, and still managed to attract some big names. However, this has changed this year, as free tickets didn’t really work out.

To attend, grab a ticket here and use the promo code sitepoint for a 15% discount!

The hashtag is heating up, the rooms are being prepared, and all that’s missing now is the drinkup sponsor. Will you be there? Were you at a previous WebCamp ZG edition? Let us know in the comments, and if you’re coming, drop me a line, let’s meet up!

Here are some reviews of past WebCamps:



Bruno is a blockchain developer and code auditor from Croatia with Master’s Degrees in Computer Science and English Language and Literature. He's been a web developer for 10 years until JavaScript drove him away. He now runs a cryptocurrency business at via which he makes blockchain tech approachable to the masses, and runs Coinvendor, an on-boarding platform for people to easily buy cryptocurrency. He’s also a developer evangelist for, a San Francisco-based AI-powered machine vision web scraper.

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