Jonathan Hobson, Apr 30

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin: Kick-start your installation

The waiting is finally over and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin has arrived and this is the guide to get you up and running in no time at all.
Craig Buckler, Feb 19

Microsoft Reveals the New Windows 8 Logo

Microsoft's Windows 8 logo has been inspired by the clean lines and basic colors of the new Metro interface. It's the first redesign in 22 years so Craig takes a brief trip down memory lane...
Dave Kennedy, Jan 13

RubySource: Smelly Cucumbers

It was such a cliche of a title, I just had to use it. I’m sure you have heard of the great BDD tool Cucumber , but what you may not know about is how smelly cukes can be. I have recently been revising and refactoring my cucumber features in absolute disgust. In my defense, I started writing cucumber in earnest 6-7 months ago
Tyler Wilson, Jan 13

BuildMobile: Infinity Blade 2

In general, consumers are looking for a game they can play for a minute or two and feel completely satisfied. One of the precious gems that fits this need on the App store is Infinity Blade II. Combine instant gratification with a compelling story, role playing game mechanics, and an infinite amount of entertainment and you have this game.
Meri Williams, Jan 11

BuildMobile: Best iOS App for To Do List?

After carrying a trusty Black ‘n Red notebook for years (not quite hipster enough for a moleskin, you see…), I finally decided I should give complete digitisation a proper go. Trying various apps, I found some too complex, some too simple … and then one that felt just right. Remember the Milk Remember The Milk (RTM) began as a website-based service, but the companion iPhone app (and the newly released iPad app) takes it to the next level of usefulness. In order to trust anything as the “one and only” place to keep all of your tasks and reminders, you need to believe that you will always have it with you and that adding something will be quick and easy
David Rousset, Jan 10

How to Create HTML5 Apps on Windows Phone with PhoneGap

David Rousset's tutorial explores the added values of PhoneGap for HTML5 applications and how to implement them on Windows Phones.
Matthew Setter, Jan 06

PHPMaster: ClamAV as a Validation Filter in Zend Framework

Ok, so you’re pretty comfortable with using the Zend Framework, specifically the use of Forms. Along with that, you have a good working knowledge of how to combine a host of standard validators such as CreditCard , EmailAddress , Db_RecordExists , and Hex , and standard filters such as Compress/Decompress , BaseName , Encrypt , and RealPath . But what do you do when a situation arises that’s outside the scope of the pre-packaged validators and filters? Let’s say you want to guard against users uploading files that contain viruses, for example.
Hari K T, Dec 23

PHPMaster: Integrating with Facebook

Integrating with Facebook from PHP is easy with the help of Facebook’s PHP SDK and some HTTP libraries like Zend_Http_Client or PEAR HTTP_Request2. In this article I’ll show you how to get started using the Facebook PHP SDK. You’ll learn about the Facebook Graph API and create a Facebook application capable of updating your status message and uploading photos. If you don’t have it already, you can clone or download the PHP SDK from Github
Joel Falconer, Dec 23

CloudSpring: 5 Useful Amazon S3 Backup Tools

Amazon Web Services’ S3 storage solution is useful for many things, and serves as the CDN for many major websites. But despite the portfolio of high-profile use cases for the service, it’s still just as handy for personal conveniences, like backing up your data. In this post, we look at five useful Amazon S3 backup tools. S3 Backup “S3 Backup is the most reliable, fast and simple to use solution around for keeping your data backed up online but still safe and encrypted.
Paul Bridgestock, Dec 16

BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone Holiday Bonus

As you’ll recall, we ran a competition giving you the opportunity to Win a Nokia Windows Phone , one of those lovely looking Nokia Lumia numbers running the lovely Windows Phone OS that everyone is talking about. Check the original post, just linked, for the rules and regulations. As a holiday bonus, we are going to extend the competition deadline date.
Craig Buckler, Dec 15

Auto-Updates Are Coming to Internet Explorer

It's about time. From January 2012, Internet Explorer will receive automatic updates as Microsoft migrate users to the latest version of the browser. Craig wipes his tears of joy to reveal all...
Craig Buckler, Dec 12

HP Makes webOS Open Source: Can it Survive?

HP is contributing webOS to the open source community. Craig discusses why the beleaguered platform deserves another chance.
Claudio Lassala, Dec 12

RubySource: NET to Ruby: Learning How to Write Tests, Part II

Part 1 of this post covered my experiences in .NET when writing tests, and how that helped me getting productive in Ruby within a short period of time. Part 2 covers my experiences in Ruby, going from how I got started writing tests as soon as I started doing anything with Ruby, until my current state, writing better tests and improving my approach to how I develop software. I know that I still have tons to learn, and that there are Ruby wizards out there who can certainly do things a lot better than what I’ll show you here. These things will always be the case.
Nick Randolph, Dec 06

BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone: Question 11

The final night in our challenge wherein you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone . The rules are detailed in the aforelinked post. And here it is, question 10.
Laurence Moroney, Dec 02

BuildMobile: Migrating Android Applications to Windows Phone 7

This article gives you a hands on approach to migrating an application written in Java using Eclipse for Android, to Windows Phone 7 using Visual Studio, C# and Silverlight. You’ll take a look at a complete Android application, and see how to migrate its user interface and code over to Windows Phone 7. You’ll see how you can use the Interoperability Bridge from Microsoft to assist in API translation.
Sean Hudgston, Nov 28

PHPMaster: Introduction to Git, Part 1

Git is a (distributed) version control system. What is that? A version control system is software that allows a programmer to track and manage the history of a project, where such a project could be a single file, a set of files, or an entire open source project with multiple programmers contributing from around the world.
Nick Randolph, Nov 25

BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone: Question 8

We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone . The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There is just one week left after this, here is question 8, last one for the penultimate week.
Nick Randolph, Nov 23

BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone: Question 7

We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone . The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is question 7. Question 7 Rather than just talking about, and documenting, the design language for Windows Phone, Microsoft decided to provide a set of default styles, font sizes and other resources that developers can reuse within their applications.
Nick Randolph, Nov 21

BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone: Question 6

We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone . The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is question 6. Question 6 Introduced with Windows Phone the Metro Design Language provides guidance for developers who wish to build applications that look and behave similar to those provided as part of the core platform.
Craig Buckler, Nov 19

jQuery Mobile 1.0 Final Released

Craig takes a look at final jQuery Mobile 1.0 release and illustrates how it could help you build your next mobile application.
Nick Randolph, Nov 18

BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone: Question 5

We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone . The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is Question 2. Question 5 Microsoft has always prided itself on providing best-of-breed tools to support developers building applications for their platform
Craig Buckler, Nov 17

IE9 Mobile vs IE9 Desktop Browser

Craig reveals the differences between IE9 on the desktop and IE9 on Windows Phone 7. The gap is not as wide as you think.
Nick Randolph, Nov 16

BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone: Question 4

We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone . The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is Question 2. Question 4 The Mango update for Windows Phone brought with it a large array of APIs for working with hardware and integrating into the core platform experience
Andy White, Nov 14

BuildMobile: Handling the Twitter API in iOS5

Today I’m going to take a bit of a break from writing about Orny to discuss Apple’s APIs for Twitter integration, newly introduced in the iOS 5 SDK . Specifically, we’re going to cover the Twitter framework (an elaboration of NSHTTPRequest ), the Accounts framework (a central framework and daemon for the storage and management of account credentials) and we’ll briefly touch on NSJSONSerialization , Apple’s previously private (and now public) implementation of a JSON-to-Foundation-Object parser (it also works the other way ‘round). Beginnings I’m going to assume that you’ve read our previous iOS Tutorials and know how to start a new project. Things are a little different in the new version of Xcode, but not so different that past instructions are too badly out of date