By Kevin Yank

Web Directions, Sydney 2006 – WIN an XBOX 360 from SitePoint

By Kevin Yank

Web Directions logoIf you followed my coverage of Web Essentials last year, you already know it’s an annual gathering of heavy hitters, great thinkers and down-and-dirty practitioners in the web development community. If you were at WE05, you’re probably dying to do it all again!

Web Essentials is happening in Sydney again this year, only this time it’s called Web Directions. There will be two days of workshops (Sept. 26-27) followed by two conference days (Sept. 28-29). As the Platinum Sponsor for the event, SitePoint will be there in full force.

I’ll be presenting with JavaScript Anthology author Cameron Adams a talk entitled “JavaScript APIs & Mashups: work you don’t have to do”, showing off the amazing ways you can use JavaScript to profit from the hard work of others.

Cameron will also be spinning tunes at the final night party (hosted by SitePoint, of course) along with Lucas Chan, SitePoint’s resident DJ. Drink cards for use at this party will be handed out throughout the conference by SitePoint staff, so be sure to say hi!

Speaking of which, one way to get in our good books is to register for the conference through our super-secret (okay, not really) registration page for the event: Use that page and you go into the running to win a brand new XBOX 360 game console. Register now and you’ll also get the early-bird discount of $200 off the ticket price.

If you’re in Australia, opportunities to connect with the international web development community are few and far between. If you’re not in Australia, this is the perfect excuse to get over here and take a look around. In any case, Web Directions 2006 will be a blast, and I hope to see you there!

  • NetNerd85

    As the Platinum Sponsor for the event, SitePoint will be there in full force.

    Can someone please explain why this is a good thing? And $750 a ticket is that USD? $750 a ticket… well that certainly seems to have gone up in price too.

  • Would love to go, but the price of airfare from the US to Australia precludes that. Ya’ll should sponsor a conference Stateside…

  • john allsopp

    It’s AUD $750
    It’s gone up $50

    If you do a comparison of local and international conference prices, this is the best value you will find anwhere in the world. Full Stop. And keep in mind we have to fly out speakers from all over the world, and put them up here for around a week, as well as compesate them for such a long period out of their schedules.

    Sorry to be so direct about it, but you seem to be criticising the price, and I just wonder what you think it ought to be, and how we might make it even less?



  • binjured

    If I could afford the tickets and a plane ticket to Australia I would so be there. Heck, I want to visit there anyway. Maybe if you have it next year I’ll make a vacation out of it ;)

    Good luck with the conference!

  • Can someone please explain why this is a good thing?

    I’m confused. Can you explain why it might be a bad thing? This is the premier Australian conference for standards-based web design, user experience, accessibility etc, and SitePoint books and articles cover those same topics–the involvement and sponsorship makes perfect sense to me.

    And I don’t remember exactly how much Web Essentials was in previous years, but from memory it was roughly the same. I attended last year and it was definitely good value.

  • NetNerd85

    Yes the price is definitely cheaper than most, if not all others. The fact that sitepoint is a new sponsor I thought it might expand the seats available and perhaps nudge the price down rather than up. Considering I was able to listen to the previous conference for free via podcast, well it would have been more than worth the money last year.

    No offence, but in my opinion Sitepoint is not an industry leader. Sitepoint is a business which uses other peoples knowledge to make money. I’d love to see you at an e-business conference but not a web conference. When it comes to quality of content, again in my opinion it isn’t at a standard I consider to be high (it is improving however). I’m doing my best as a web developer to improve my skills. It is difficult when you can not find quality and depth in content (paid for or free). So when you say sitepoint will be there “in full force”, it worries me.

  • Can someone please explain why this is a good thing?

    Can someone please explain what your implication is supposed to be? I can’t see any real or perceived problem with this.

  • Sitepoint is a business which uses other peoples knowledge to make money … So when you say sitepoint will be there “in full force”, it worries me.

    What is a conference then? And what of the hundreds of articles, blog posts, newsletters and forum posts by SitePoint staff? I can’t work out whether you’re being deliberately provocative or just ignorant. What exactly is it that you’re so “worried” about?

    If you have constructive criticism of a particular SitePoint article or book, I’d encourage you to send us your feedback about it so that we can improve. But to sit back and suggest that we shouldn’t be involved in this conference because you don’t think that SitePoint content is up to scratch, quite frankly, baffles me.

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  • NetNerd85

    Matt clearly you are insulted and missing my point, I apologise for you misunderstanding. Let me just ask this: What will sitepoint be doing at the conference which requires full force?

  • Hi NetNerd85. You’re correct, I don’t get your point. Other commenters seem to be in the same boat. Kev’s covered SitePoint’s involvement with the conference pretty clearly in his blog post–substitute “full force” with “extreme enthusiasm” if it makes it clearer for you.

  • NetNerd85

    Well yes kind of, it makes some sense now Matthew. Even though force and enthusiasm mean completely different things.

  • After converting the cost of a ticket from AUD to EUR, i am rather impressed. Just under 440 EUR for a 4 day event is actually a great price and I do not understand why anyone would complain about it. Unfortunetly, I just got back from a 4 week vacation and will not be able to take a another anytime soon. On a side note, I have always found Australia intriging. :)

  • Sitepoint-skeptic

    Following the thread by Matthew & NetNerd85…

    My personal concern from SitePoint being there in “full force” is the number of contact email messages to promote your own stuff I receive. I have purchased a SitePoint book and downloaded several free chapters from other books. Now I receive about 40 or 50 messages per week with SitePoint promotions!!! I don’t even get that much SPAM.

    My concern, watch-out for the SitePoint Logo. It might be a little overwhelming by the time the web site, brochure, email distrbutions, participant list and all materials are printed and distributed.

    How can you help? Be reasonable about the messages you send to people, especially to those who are about to shell out conference fees and airfare to hear your talks and listen to you promote your own books.

    Just my $.02.

  • It’s impossible that you would receive 40 or 50 messages from sitepoint per week, per month, or per year for that matter – even if you did downloaded more than one of our sample chapters. If you send me one of your email addresses I’d be happy to lookup what you’re subscribed to exactly. Or you could always click the unsubscribe link at the end of any of our emails and you’ll never hear from SitePoint again.

    By the way, only one of our guys (Kevin Yank) is speaking at Web Directions, and only one SitePoint title is for sale at the conference (The JavaScript Anthology). This is not a SitePoint conference, we’re just a huge supporter of the event…

    By “full force” we’re actually referring to the fact that a bunch of our team will be there — most of whom will be sitting in the crowd watching the presentations like the rest of you. We pointed out this fact incase anyone reading this wanted to meet us in person. That’s all!

  • Jon

    how old is this now. I dont think theres a problem with sitepoint though and any spam policies

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