By Michael Chan

Watch: Using Webpack to Transform JSX

By Michael Chan

JavaScript processing can be cumbersome and confusing. One of the major objections people have with React is JSX’ need to be pre-processed and packaged up for the browser. Fear not! The Webpack module builder and Babel.js were created for exactly this purpose.

In this screencast we’ll setup a simple Webpack project and send you on your way to making the next big thing!

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  • Cam Skene

    Thanks for the screencast. The resulting file is 635kb. When including React via a CDN react.js is about 120kb after minifying (35kb after gzip), I would expect browser-bundle.js to be that size plus your code?

  • Paolo Caminiti

    [CC 00:35] it converts it into plain “java scripts” ?! :)

  • Bill

    Question: what if I don’t want to create a bundle file that has the dependency wrapper? But instead just transform a jsx file into js. Something like a stateless component factory.

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