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Watch: Logo Design Rules of Thumb You Shouldn’t Forget

By Elio Qoshi
Design & UX

Coming up with logos can be an exhausting process sometimes.

Should you get paper and pencil ready or dive directly into Illustrator? Before going neck deep into your logo project, check out following thumb rules to keep in mind when working on your logo. You will be learning about basic color theory, cliches and metaphors specifically guiding you in your logo endeavours. Some of these tips can be generally applied to most logo projects, while some others might suit the needs of different logos.

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Elio is a open source designer and founder of Ura Design. He coordinates community initiatives at SitePoint as well. Further, as a board member at Open Labs Hackerspace, he promotes free software and open source locally and regionally. Elio founded the Open Design team at Mozilla and is a Creative Lead at Glucosio and Visual Designer at The Tor Project. He co-organizes OSCAL and gives talks as a Mozilla Tech Speaker at various conferences. When he doesn’t write for SitePoint, he scribbles his musings on his personal blog.

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