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Craig BucklerThe Urban Dictionary defines “codeversation” as “A conversation revolving around code, or coding standards. This can often get heated and involved, if you’re passionate enough about code.”

The folks at thought this description tied in nicely with their aim of recognizing the people who start and manage great conversations about code. To do this, they started a contest to find the most Creative Codeversationalist of 2013.

It will surprise absolutely nobody that one of the six nominees is our own Lead Writer Craig Buckler.

A chap by the name of Ben nominated Craig, because:

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and typically skim most of them, but I tend to linger on Craig Buckler’s articles on SitePoint. They are usually fairly straight to the point and more relevant to my interests in HTML5 and responsive design than many others that I tend to gloss over.

Good call, Ben!

My own experience is that Craig consistently chooses topics to cover that are right at the edge of what we know and want to know about code, that he covers the gamut of ways in which code influences how we manage our web work, that his articles consistently achieve among our highest pageviews, that he generates comment-based conversations that not only attract the most participants but elicit the most interesting comments and that he draws attention to aspects of working with code that otherwise might get no attention at all.

If, like me, you’re a fan of Craig’s work on SitePoint – and elsewhere – then head on over and cast your vote. The deadline is May 10, so there’s only a few days to ensure Craig earns his rightful title as Creative Codeversationalist of 2013.

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Ricky Onsman is a freelance web designer, developer, editor and writer. With a background in information and content services, he built his first website in 1994 for a disability information service and has been messing about on the Web ever since.

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