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Uncode WordPress Theme: Share Your Creativity with the World

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    The world we live in is a visual world. We process information contained in images faster than we do when reading a text. Creatives' websites largely rely on stunning visual experiences that can command attention. These visuals usually make a strong impression on their visitors.

    It takes a significant amount of planning to produce a website that can make a strong statement. The process also requires careful attention to detail.

    Uncode is the ideal choice if your objective is to take full advantage of the power of visuals. The website-building tools and features you need will be at your fingertips. So, you don't have to be an expert in website design to apply them.

    Why Uncode?

    Uncode has everything a creative type requires to create a website, blog, or portfolio. They will be able to capture a visitor's attention and keep that visitor engaged and looking for more.

    No special technical or coding skills are needed. Uncode is exceptionally easy to work with. It's simply a matter of selecting a template and uploading your content. Then, the only thing left is to hit the Publish button. If you have your own idea for a template, you can build your own; all the tools you need are there.

    Uncode's selection of demos are themselves memorable visual experiences. They are designed to help you provide the same experiences to your visitors. Is a cool eCommerce design, a one-click gallery, or a hypnotic parallax image to your liking? It is all there, and much more.

    Uncode’s New and Improved Features

    A cool and exciting assortment of new features were introduced in Uncode version 1.7. With these features, you can create visual experiences that are even more memorable.

    Slides Scroll and Snap Scroll

    In terms of what you can do with a one-page website, Slides Scroll is a jaw-dropper. Do not attempt to create an attractive yet somewhat ho-hum page. Instead, you can apply this feature to accomplish the following:

    • You can mix and match galleries, slides, and content sections. Do this to get the maximum effect – no constraints.
    • You can place visuals wherever you want on a blank canvas while building a single, scrollable page.
    • Your site visitors can effortlessly move from section to section. They can experience awesome transitions you've created as they do so.

    Use the Gallery Manager and Albums Gallery Features for Extra Sparkle

    With Gallery Manager, you can arrange a showcase or portfolio of your work with just a few clicks. This makes it much easier for you to achieve the most impressive arrangement of visuals. You can do so in the shortest amount of time.

    You'll find Albums Gallery helpful when you have an abundance of material to display. You can place and locate independent or categorized galleries within a parent gallery.

    A New Admin – and More

    The new admin panel isn't an upgrade. It's been redesigned from the ground up. It sports an attractive new user interface and enhanced Demo Layout Installer. Do not forget about reorganized Theme Options.

    The popular Adaptive Images feature has also undergone improvement. As an added touch, Uncode's entire UI has been reworked, improved, and nicely matches a sleek new skin.

    You'll Find Great New Concepts to Work With

    New concepts are forever being added. As usual, the following new concepts are based on user feedback.

    Creative Director

    Creative Director

    Have you been itching to tell the world what you're capable of creating? Then, the attention-getting Creative Director layout is what you are looking for.

    Classic Firm

    Classic Firm

    Classic Firm was created with a vision to satisfy the needs of artist collectives. It will also be just right for contemporary art studios.

    Shop Techie

    Shop Techie

    This image doesn't tell the whole story. Shop Techie takes full advantage of the Slide Scroll feature. It creates a stunning and exciting eCommerce experience.

    Shop Parallax

    Shop Parallax

    Explore Shop Parallax to experience the hypnotic effect fullscreen slides can have. Users are enjoying this feature as they browse an online shop's offerings.

    Portfolio Albums

    Portfolio Albums

    No surprise here. Portfolio Albums is the ideal starting point for creating stunning photographic portfolios.

    Showcase Updates

    Uncode users are justifiably proud of their work. This showcase of their website creations offers visual proof of why this is so. Written testimonials are nice. But these hundreds of creative visuals say so much more.

    Take time browsing through them. You are sure to come up with inspiration for your future endeavors.

    Old Favorites

    New features are exciting and always welcome. Especially when they create new opportunities for you. At the same time, Uncode's time-tested and most popular features haven't gone anywhere. Some have been improved upon, and others are untouched.

    Visual Composer: Tailored to Better Suit Your Needs

    Uncode's tailored version of Visual Composer has always been popular. Working with Uncode's Content Blocks, it makes organizing your content especially easy. The tailored version also removes any limitations on incorporating media into your sites.

    Finding What Works Best: 6+ Menu Styles

    When you have some good options to select from, it can be hard to come to a decision. On the other hand, it's much easier when you focus on what will work best in your case. Whichever one you end up with will support intuitive, trouble-free navigation.

    And the Winner for Most Popular Is: The Adaptive Images Feature

    Have you ever experienced a problem with making things fit on mobile device screens? Uncode's Adaptive Images automatic image re-scaling feature will take care of that.

    Adaptive Images is but one of the many Uncode "most popular" features.

    Professional Looking Layouts for Your Blogs and Portfolios

    This is another favorite feature (perhaps with a capital F). These layouts have proven to be extremely popular with creative professionals. As they are easily modified, you can play around with any one of them. Do so until you get precisely what you're looking for.

    WooCommerce Single Product Features

    Customize your online shop and give it some extra selling power. Uncode's Single Product Features will help you with that. These include custom width layout controls, carousel, and stack layout options. They also have Product Zoom to add some extra pizzazz to your presentations. Plus, you can customize your product pages to the minutest of details.

    Wrapping It Up: Why Is Uncode Ideal for Creatives?

    • Uncode's focus is on creating stunning visual experiences. These naturally lead to stunning websites.
    • Everything you need is there to help you showcase your work in ways that will stand out from the crowd.
    • Uncode does so much, so easily. You don't even have to be a web designer to create breathtaking visuals. You don't have to be a programmer either; everything happens with mouse clicks.
    • Create a blog or build an awesome portfolio in only a few hours. Then you can sit back and decide how to spend the rest of your day.