The Ultimate CSS Survey 2017

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CSS Survey 2017

CSS Survey 2017

Last year SitePoint released The Ultimate CSS Survey, the first of what we hope to be an annual event to help us and the community understand the habits and practices of modern CSS developers.

The 2017 version of the survey is ready, and you can fill it out now. Or read on for more info on the survey and how it differs from last year’s.

What’s Covered in the Survey?

For those who didn’t take part last year, here’s a quick summary of some of the things the survey covers:

  • CSS coding practices and preferences
  • Use of CSS-related tools
  • Use of popular frameworks
  • Code maintenance habits
  • Learning habits

As you can see, the survey seeks to gain an understanding of CSS developers from the learning steps right down to code maintenance and habits on big projects.

Improvements on Last Year’s Survey

Last year’s survey was well received and had tons of participation. We also received a lot of feedback that helped us refine the survey this year. For example, while last year’s survey was a 3-part survey that included a total of 72 questions, this year’s survey has been trimmed down to 50 questions and is not divided into separate parts.

Additionally, a lot of people pointed out that the questions were slanted towards freelance developers who work on numerous projects, as opposed to developers working on a single website continuously. Unfortunately, that bias and others still exist in this year’s survey to some degree. But I did my best to include answers like “does not apply to me” or similar, so that participants can answer in a way that makes sense for them.

We also got a lot of feedback from less experienced developers who said that the survey opened their eyes to a number of different technologies, tools, and techniques that they had never heard of before. Many people said they felt they had a lot to learn. I’m sure it was somewhat overwhelming for some, but they said they were excited to search for some of these new topics and tools and start learning something new.

Fill Out the Survey Today

We’re excited to see the results of this year’s survey, so we hope you can take 20 minutes or so out of your day to answer all the questions. We know it will be valuable to you and to the community to see the results. I’m sure many of you filled it out last year, but please don’t let that stop you from filling it out again. If you’ve changed your CSS habits over the past year, it would be great to have that reflected in the results.

Also, at the end of the survey you can fill in your email address (optional) and we’ll notify you of the results when they’re ready (we won’t use your email address for anything else, just as a one-time notification when the survey results are released).

So what are you waiting for? You can Fill out the 2017 Ultimate CSS Survey here or use the embedded survey found below.

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