By Jennifer Farley

The Splat Is Gone: Nickelodeon’s Logo Gets An Update

By Jennifer Farley

Nickelodeon has updated its well-recognized “splat” logo to a new text based insignia. It’s still orange and the characters have a round balloon-like friendliness to them, but the splat is gone.

Old Logo

New logo

The new logo is set in a rounded typeface with the letter i , looking like a little person, being the focal point.

The new identity will be taking over in the Autumn when all of the Nickelodeon channels and the web site will display the logo. The company itself has been around for about thirty years and the splat logo was introduced five years later in 1984.


Original Logo

Cyma Zarghami, president of all things Nick, has stated that the main reason for changing the logo, is to connect Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. (which a friend described to me today as Toddler Heroin) and TeenNick, all of which will use the new logo.
Some of the variety of Nick logos


She said;

We wanted to clean it up and allow Nick to be the stamp on all of these channels, that ultimately meant jettisoning the familiar Nickelodeon "splat."

In asking ourselves if everything could live under the splat, we decided that the splat was dated. (via Variety Magazine)


The original splat logo was design by Scott Nash and Tom Corey for Fred Siebert at Fred/Alan and was renowned for its multiple variations.

I can’t pretend I grew up with Nickelodeon (it wasn’t on Irish TV, but is now available here on cable), but I certainly know the logo well and have a bit of fondness for it. It’s fun and bright and a little bit mischievous. Something I think the new logo is missing. The splat must surely be one of the most recognizable logos out there, friend to both children, and time-poor parents, appearing in the top corner of the box. I like the simplicity of the new logo but it seems sad that it’s replacing a bit of a classic.

What do you think of the new design? Like it, loathe it, indifferent?

  • Pacoup

    I like it a lot, I think it has a modern feel that matches up to today’s style on the street. Welcome to the cool side, Nickelodeon.

  • Lee Gustin

    Honestly I hate the new logo. I did grow up with Nickelodeon’s ‘splat logo.’ Although I don’t watch the station anymore, I will always think of it with the old logo, not the new one.

    But the thing is, kids that are growing up now will never see the old logo, so they will be indifferent to it.

  • Anonymous

    I hate it…the old one was way better. The new one is nothing but some lame text.

  • Hmm. A bad move in my opinion. The new one feels bland. The old one is so much more recognizable and suitable.

  • flashmind

    Seems way to corporate if you ask me. At least the old logo was somewhat geared towards kids. Having a dripping dot or a bowling pin for an ‘i’ doesn’t make it any better.

    Going to have to say I loathe it, especially with their little ‘all rights reserved’ symbol sitting next to it.

  • Code Renaissance

    I love the splat. It’s timeless, playful and resonates with parents and kids alike. I can picture the board meeting now. “Hey! Let’s lower case our name… that’ll make us cool, after all it worked for at&t!” I must say I especially hate the lowercase i. The new logo is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

    It’s just the latest in corporate foolishness: taking well liked and widely identifiable logos and replacing them with garbage in the name of being modern. First there was Pepsi, then Tropicana, now Nickelodeon. What a loss.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Pepsi all over again, why can’t people just stick with the classics?

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me too much of the old Nintendo logo, without the oval.
    Was the splat derived from the show You Can’t Do That on Television?

  • Typical corporate blanding. All they need to do is rename themselves to something completely random and meaningless and the directors can award themselves fat bonuses for wasting time and money.

  • developar

    The old one is far far better :(

  • Bill

    Any word on how this will impact the Noggin logo?

  • Personally I think the logo looks fine; but I prefer the old one. It has a much more timeless quality.

  • AndrewCooper

    They both look good and I really like the other variations for the different channels too. I think they should have kept the logo for Nick Jr. too. I really love the splat logo as I grew up with it myself and it’s just slightly weird having a new logo…Will it be the same Nickelodeon that I once used to love? Heh, I don’t watch it anymore anyway!

    I just hope Coca-Cola don’t change anything of their’s. They don’t need to! Coca-Cola…Don’t change anything please!

    Andrew Cooper

  • To be honest I’m not that keen on the new one. It doesn’t appear as fun as the old logo, I like the variations of the old logo also which were all fun and different but still appear very much part of the brand. This new one looks like any other TV channel logo not fun or very clever either. Sorry thumbs down.

  • bar338

    I agree that the old logo was great and really sticks with a lot of new people, but when I think of the logo I think of the 90s. I think that this was a good move by nickelodeon to refresh their image and move into the modern world. It may not be the best redesign ever but its still a good redesign. Its very simple and still has a bit of playfulness to it.

  • Sara

    Being a part of the Web Designers community, I have also studied some graphic design and logos. I have to say that I like classic. I was a little disappointed with the new Pepsi logo and I am a little upset about this new Nickelodeon logo. But, it is a new generation that is watching the channel now, and in my opinion the good shows are gone and so the good logos are now going with it. Eventually it will grow on me, just like the Pepsi logo did.

  • Tobey

    The old logo had a special spirit to it and it was a logo for children (and adults alike). The new one is a nice job but IMHO it’s no match to the old one. Maybe a little too plain and straightforward after the rapid “splat” we’ve been used to seeing all around.

  • Anonymous

    While I understand the desire to connect all the sub channels of Nickelodeon, my kids associate each channel with the individual logos (Nick Jr, Nick at Nite, etc). The new logo is more modern and I agree, brings a feel into the new era, however, I personally think they [Nickelodeon] should remain with the original splat logo as well as the sub channels retaining their original logos as well.

  • Splatzone

    Wow, it’s awful. It looks like the logo of a telecoms firm or something. The splat was playful, energetic and childlike—this is little more than corporate.

  • old one is WAY better

  • nitetalker

    Bad move. The old one was not “broke” in any way, shape, or form.

  • MetalHippy


    Wont somebody think of the children??

    Seriously don’t like the new one, the old one was far better. The old one had a timeless fun quality to it whereas the new one smacks of corporate bland ness.

    I feel an online petition coming…

  • Nora

    Honestly, I hate the new logo. Just what we needed, a classic logo becoming a copycat of Facebook/MySpace/Twitter et al. It looks like every single one-word lowercase company logo that’s come out in the past few years – boring, bland, and with absolutely no individual identity to associate with it.

    Isn’t the purpose of a logo to be instantly recognizable? (Hey, that’s what Wikipedia says.)

  • Aljiro

    I believe the classic one is better.. I grew up watching nickelodeon and the old logo really was memorable.

  • spheroid

    @PatrickSamphire: Couldn’t agree more. Why not follow Pizza Hut and Radio Shack and also rename the network “The Nick”.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose we should just be thankful they didn’t use comic-sans. I don’t think the new logo is that bad, and perhaps it was time to refresh the brand, but it is rather auto-pilot design. Bold, rounded, sans fonts are hardly a revolutionary choice right now, and the lack of any other sort of imagery robs it of the kind of personality that the splat provided, and which I think a brand like Nickelodeon really needs.

  • Jo

    The new logo seems to say “we are fun but a very serious company that is here to make money and take over the world”

  • total zero

    the old one looks a little more irreverent, youthful, like it would appeal to kids more than the new one which for some reason reminds me of nintendo’s logo

  • saleha khan

    I don’t like the new logo, it looks like an alien. I grew up with nickelodeon and I think the logo should stay the same. I think the old logo is easier to read and the splat signifies the fun and craziness that the network is about!

  • JdL

    I thought the splat was better. Seems like somebody in the higher ups just wanted something different. Makes no sense — it doesn’t even follow the current design trend.

  • Anonymous

    You should send these people to moon! it was such a good design. argh! Managers think ‘changing only the logo’ will give a new meaning to their business. They should be changing the work culture and attitude.

    Every manager thinks he/she is Steve Jobs. And that’s not true!

  • Tradition

    I know that part of marketing is to follow the times and get as many people interested as possible. But, it was the idea of being messy, fun, and a kid that got Nickelodeon where it is today. They can roll with the times to a new kid, but keep it silly and messy. Today’s kids need so connect to something other than the modernizing pressures and fake images of today’s culture. If this new logo is a sign of things to come, just like iCarly’s episode where they make fun of a kid that has never been kissed and they he and a friend feel they need to “get it done and over with,” I am very disappointed by the very kid’s network that I loved for over 15 years. PS. I’m a few days away from 20 and still watch every day.

  • Robert

    Its supposed to appeal to kids. Whats not appealing about a splat? Sure change the font in the splat, the the new logo looks something more along the lines of a gaming platform for kids.

  • Disappointed

    Although I can see how it might be difficult to tie all the various brands under one logo, this seems like a total disconnection and to me breaks all convention associated with Nick other than the actual name and the orange color. If anything they could have kept the one other thing that was common among the various logos which was the typeface. If nothing else, place the splat as the dot over the single letter “i” in the name to pay homage to the old branding that people have come to know so well.

    Seems like someone sucked a lot of marketing money out of Nick for something that will ultimately fail in its intended purpose. But I suppose they have to do something with all the money they take in from the overpriced DVD season boxed sets they sell.

  • 1234

    It’s a shame to see such a recognizable brand image be replaced with something so ordinary.

  • X

    they should have at least kept the old logo’s font

  • LogoGuy

    I definitely prefer the old logo. It has a timeless look to it. The splat is very fun.

    The new logo is modern, for now. But how many times has someone seen a logo with a letter shaped like a little person? Come on! That is so cliche now. Its been been overdone. The new logo is also boring. I don’t feel like someone just threw something at and hit me in the face. There is no impact. I would glance over it with a stretch and a yawn. Sure, its modern now, but give it like a few years and it will look dated as well. It does not have anywhere near the same level of quality as the old logo.

    I know he says he wants to connect all of the logos together (for some reason?). It is not already obvious enough that “Nick at Nite, NickJr, etc) are all products of Nickolodean? I think it is obvious.

    I think this will be a marketing tragedy.

    There are some things that just should not change. Examples: Nike Swoosh. Coke. Pepsi (why did you throw yourself onto a sword?). MTV.

    A great example of a good change was when WWF change there logo from the chrome WWF of the 1980s to the scratchy letter WWF. And then later they were forced to drop the “F” out of the WWF and changed there name to WWE.

    I rank this Nick stuff right up there with SciFi channel changing there name to SyFy. Mistake. Marketing blunder.

    I think before they roll anything out, they should see what the public has to say.

  • Dropping the separate Nick Jr. logo (if they’ve indeed done this) seems ridiculous to me, it’s throwing away branding. Just this week I saw a poster for the Nick. Jr channel, featuring the targeted logo.

    Andrew Cooper highlights this better…

    Best Wishes,

  • Andrew H.

    This is a huge mistake. There are entire generations of people, many of whom are now parents or soon will be, who have extremely strong memories associated with the various Nickelodeon brands and logos.


  • shann

    aw the new one is so boring

  • Anonymous

    We implement the splat on my companies business cards, its timeless!

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