Sublime2 vs Notepad++

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I hear everyone saying “JavaScript needs a good IDE”… well Notepad++ as an editor is fantastic. But with the recent releases of Sublime 2 it is worth making the switch!

Reasons why (in my opinion) Sublime2 may be better than Notepad++:

  • jQuery Function Templates – this is legendary! if you simply type $.ajax and press tab it loads the template for the ajax function automatically. This works for all the other jQuery functions too and you can customise them to suit your needs.
  • Speed – Both are extemely fast code editors but Sublime2 has the ability to find files, switch files, and find in files much quicker.
  • Platform Independant – It works on PC/Windows and Macs!
  • Customisations – Both can be custimised but Sublime2 has a text based/XML setup very easily changed
  • Auto Completion of brackets – Sublime2 comes as standard when you type it closes off brackets
  • Code at 1000 feet – The scrollbar on the right is bigger and has a visual view of the code
  • Smart Tab Change – when you create a new code you can tab through the values and it takes you straight there for quick edit.
  • Mutiple Edit – You can also select multiple areas and edit them at the same time with mutiple cursors.

See the full list of Sublime 2 features.

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