By Sam Deering

5 Snazzy jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

By Sam Deering
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There have been a lot of progress bar plugins floating around, so we’ve decided to list some of the best ones. Here are 5 Snazzy jQuery Progress Bar plugins. Each of them has uniqueness and style compared to others. You’re going to love them being integrated into your website, something you might “wait” for? ;)

1. jQuery Knob

It’s a nice, downward compatible, touchable, jQuery dial plugin.
jQuery Knob
Source + Demo

2. jQuery progressBar

An animated progress bar for jQuery based on the mootools progressBar by webappers. Now, it has, by popular demand, some funky multi-colored progress bar..
jQuery progressBar


3. CProgress

jQuery circular progress bar.
Source + Demo

4. HTML5 & jQuery Progress bar plugin : Percentage Loader

A tiny jQuery plugin for displaying progress in a visual and engaging way.
Percentage Loader

5. Sonic

A quick and tiny class you can use to generate loading indicators of different shapes, colours, speeds etc.

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