Review of

I decided to try out again and provide you with a quick overview of its worth with regards to browser testing.

Sign up

* Signup is easy, they have a free trial which gives you 30mins.

Launching a Virtual Machine

* Very easy to do, select an Operating system, browser/version/resolution.
* Loading VM speed is fairly good and gives you updates of progress at stages.
* Accuracy of VM is good, the browser you load appears to be exact.
* Quality of VM is poor, appears pixelated (but this might be a limitation for speed).
* Speed of VM is very poor, takes ages to move the mouse and get a response (mouse stutters when moving).
* Help button for use with Chrome Dev tools only appears when you click “start testing”

* Mobile device IOS iPhone 5 loads well but again is so slow when scrolling.
* Switching between devices is really easy with left nav and update buttons.

Testing Locally

* Complete failure trying to load localhost running Tomcat on port 8080. Hanged.
* Complete failure trying to load HTML page. Browse window opened but when I selected a file it crashed.
* I tried web tunnel but not command line.


* Good for use with live websites
* Unusable for testing with local development
* Very slow VMs so only useful for testing layouts
* Probably not worth the $20 a month pricetag for a single user.

Here are some screenshots.