On Our Radar: highlight.js, linux and pranks

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Welcome to another round of On Our Radar! this week, we discovered the best way to comfort a JavaScript bug: we console it.

On Our Radar:

The week began with RyanReese trying to implement highlight.js into an existing site and having some issues with html entities. It’s a great thread where members came together and pooled their knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS and questioned the use of highlight.js in general.

We then moved on to an existential question: “what is keeping you from switching to Linux?” cpradio loves the technical side of Linux, and wonders why more people in the tech world aren’t switching. We talk hesitancy with new technical things, and the difficulty of getting less-technical users on board.

It was April Fool’s earlier this week, and we looked at everything from Google’s totally awesome Pacman/Google Maps takeover, to selfie rigs. Read all the greatest April Fool’s pranks by your favourite (and some unknown) websites.

In Short:

csosa talks contact form functions and all thinks PHP, bodrovis wants to know about activity feeds in rails, while RavenVelvet wants to know if anyone has pre-built a PHP7 vagrant box yet.

Pullo talks the JavaScript Framework Explosion, and rounds up the Week in JavaScript, while cpradio rounds up of the Week in .NET.

Tell us your story:


Look at how happy this Will Ferrel lookalike is! Just look at him. He couldn’t be happier if Bill Gates had given him the secret to winning Minesweeper every time.

My happiest tech-based moment was when I installed a dual-layer DVD burner into my ancient IBM machine. The hardest part was getting everything to line up properly, and having it work was my proudest tech moment. So now we want to know: what’s your best tech moment?

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