Best of the Best April Fools Pranks (Spoiler Alert!)

Okay, so my favorite so far is, that is just freakin awesome!

But there are a LOT more, so enjoy and comment on your favorite ones!


Can’t see it. My firewall doesn’t allow it :frowning:

You can also see it from this link -

Hahaha The Do It Yourself Selfie Rig!

Sadly, I know people who would probably buy this… :frowning:

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And if I had cats, I’d totally buy this! How awesome would this look in your living room?

Oh please make this happen! I miss the days when Windows “just worked” :wink:

Best Quote: “You may be wondering why a command line operating system needs a designer, we’ve been wondering that too”


XKCD went all out too!

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You need to stop posting this stuff, @cpradio, or I’ll get nothing done at all today. It’s great!

3 Likes is my favorite. PAC-MAN!!! :smiley:

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Yeah, I’ve already notified my boss I’m not doing anything today. :slight_smile: You can’t work when there is pac-man running down your city streets!


You mean it ever did?

Oh, duh! April Fools!!! :blush:


From @moo

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Or there’s this…

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Oh my… that’s a wonderful joke! The comments are priceless!

<!-- Modernizr might be useful so our CSS department can hook into what different browsers support -->
<!-- LOL @ CSS department! You mean those designer hippies from the top floor? -->
<!-- LOL yeah, and stop using our repository for chatting :D -->
<!-- But this is all stripped during our build step, right? -->
<!-- We're going to use Bootstrap for our building blocks. Well, only for the parts we haven't designed yet, because it's so good -->
<!-- TODO: wrap everything in one single JS file, like Meteor does -->
<!-- NOTE: but then we'll lose our caching benefits! By the way, why aren't we using Meteor? -->
<!-- TODO: add “accessibility” when we're done. We're going to get angry Tweets otherwise! -->
<!-- NOTE: About that: I've heard someone is working on a11y.js or something, which automagically adds WHY-ARIA to everything! -->
<!-- Right, enough April fooling around :) Turn off JavaScript in your browser to turn on “Server-Side Rendering” for our website! -->
<!-- By the way, try browsing the Web _without JavaScript_ for a day, it's frightening how much we developers are breaking (yes, breaking!) nowadays! -->
<!-- Next time you're coming up with smart JS solutions, take a step back. The beauty of the Web lies in the combination of _all_ layers -->

Domino’s rolls out a no-driver delivery vehicle!

And let’s not forget about Roku Rendezvous

Ha - ain’t that the truth?

Those are very good but nothing can compete with… The Force!


Ha! That’s pretty good. I wouldn’t have expected that sort of joke by Cern.