Photoshop Brushes, Mobile-Friendly Frameworks, Website Mascots, and More

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Mobile-friendly Web Designs in Minutes with Foundation

Designing for the smaller displays, slim bandwidth, and touch-​​based interactivity of mobile devices can be very tedious if you’re doing it from scratch. Yet mobile framework like Foundation can make those essential mobile accommodations surprisingly easy.

Create Your Own Custom Brushes in Photoshop

Creating your own personal set of Photoshop brushes is easier than you might think. We’ll help you build a brush and tailor it for your purposes with settings like Jitter, Scattering and Textures.

What is an Artworker?

Artworkers have a wide and varied role that can’t be described as definitively as “illustrator” or “graphic designer.” But, despite the somewhat nebulous nature of their job, artworkers have an important, technical, detail-​​oriented position.

30 Websites with Awesome Mascots

Catchy, memorable brand names and stylish logos are assets to any budding business. However, a mascot with unique appeal can foster a friendly, personal relationship between company and customer.

Have you tried Kuler?

Getting bogged down with color-based conundrums can blow away your timeline, slow down your design work and frustrate you at the very beginning of the project. Never fear: Kuler can show you an impressive array of variations on just a single starting color.

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Peter is Chief Digital Officer of CuriosityStream, a multi-platform nonfiction streaming service by the founder of Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Animal Planet, etc.). Peter is also Co-Founder of True North, a management consulting firm and digital marketing agency with clientele that includes WebMD and Salesforce.

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