On Our Radar: Search, CSS Sliders, Reusable Code, and Responsive Sites

Jasmine Elias

*knock knock* who’s there? (long pause) “Java” ;)

On Our Radar

SitePoint editor, writer, ambassador and all-round PHP expert Bruno finally showed us his coolest pet project yet, our very own Google, SitePoint Search. We also talk about how we feel using Discourse’s native search. What are your thoughts? The meta guys are looking into it, so we’re in for a treat.

NightWing is on the hunt for a pure CSS slider but has had no luck. I think NightWing should make it, personally (my motto is, ‘if it doesn’t exist, build it’). The great people of the forums came to NightWing’s rescue, who implemented the solution. Win-win!

jemz opens up a whole can of worms with a simple topic: reusable code. Is it a good idea to implement reusable code? Do you? I know I’ve reused my own material in the past. It’s not always the best solution but when you’re in a jam… or when it’s a repetitive task…

mikey_w asks if we can develop responsive sites without a smart phone. Do we just re-size our browsers? Is that all there is to responsiveness?

Over on Facebook we wanted to know, if you had to update a website from scratch, which framework and language would you use? The creativity (and politeness) of answers was incredible, and goes to show what a great community the web developers are. We also wanted to know if you go pure vanilla with your CSS or use a preprocessor like Sass or Less, with most people favouring preprocessors for ease and simplicity.

In Short

Don’t forget our weekly roundups, which is now three-times strong! Combining three forces of the internet, they are: This Week in JavaScript (thanks Paul!), This Week in .Net (thanks cpradio!) and the all new This Week on the Front End (thanks Ralph!)

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