Learn Angular 5, released June 2018

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Learn Angular 5, released June 2018

Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks today that developers use to build advanced single-page web apps faster and more easily.

We’ve released a course that will build your knowledge of Angular 5 fundamentals rapidly.

Angular 5
In this course, we’ll get you up to speed with Angular 5. We’ll:

  • Get you set up in your favorite code editor
  • Introduce you to the Angular CLI
  • Build a Hello World! app to get your feet wet
  • Teach you the concepts behind an Angular app’s architecture and lifecycle.

Next, we’ll make sure you have the skills necessary to build an Angular project from start to finish by building a code snippet manager application. In this section, you’ll:

  • Build multiple components
  • Get an in-depth understanding of data binding in Angular 5
  • Learn to maintain perfect synchronization between the model and the view
  • Work with UI features like modals.

Where to buy

Get it as part of a monthly membership to SitePoint Premium – all our books and courses for only $9 a month.

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