By Sam Deering

jQuery to PHP via AJAX using JSON

By Sam Deering
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This is how you can generate data for use with AJAX using a “POST” method which contains JSON data and then pass it to a PHP script and then decode ready to use as variables (name value pairs). In this example, I’ve used form input values to generate the data passed as a JSON string, but you can create your own JSON data to pass doesn’t have to be from a form.

jQuery / AJAX

Basic AJAX function to pass the JSON data to the server-side script.

   type: "POST",
   url: targetURL,
   async: false,
   data: JSON.stringify($('#form').serializeArray()),
   success: function(data){
      return true;
   complete: function() {},
   error: function(xhr, textStatus, errorThrown) {
     console.log('ajax loading error...');
     return false;

If we take a look at the generated JSON is has name value pairs.


Generated JSON example:

data=[{"name":"product","value":"riserva shiraz wine glass"},{"name":"supid","value":"81"},{"name":"brandid","value":"60"},{"name":"blid","value":"7"},{"name":"cid","value":"381"}];

PHP Variable Dynamics

// decode JSON string to PHP object, 2nd param sets to associative array
$decoded = json_decode($_GET['data'],true);

output values:
foreach ($decoded as $value) {
   echo $value["name"] . "=" . $value["value"];

//set values:
foreach ($decoded as $value) {
    $$value["name"] = $value["value"];

foreach ($decoded as $value) {
    $$value["name"] = $value["value"];
    echo $value["name"] . "=" . $$value["name"];
    echo "
"; }

Sorry, no demo, but feel free to ask questions.

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