jQuery Highlight Element Based on Current Date Time

By Sam Deering

This is a little jQuery function I wrote to add a selected class to an element based on the current date and time (using date timestamp). The idea being to set a current session which is currently showing, like shown in the screenshot below.


$.dateTimeHighlightNow() function

  * $.dateTimeHighlightNow()
  * Author: Sam Deering
  * Adds/removes a selected class on elements based on the current date and time.
  * usage: $('.program p').dateTimeHighlightNow();
jQuery.fn.dateTimeHighlightNow = function()
    return this.each(function()
        var datetimestamp = Math.round(new Date().getTime() / 1000)
            elem = $(this),
            start = elem.attr('start'),
            finish= elem.attr('finish');

            log('datetimestamp = '+datetimestamp);

        if (start < datetimestamp && finish > datetimestamp)



$('.program p').dateTimeHighlight();

Your HTML code should look something like this:

Further usage could be to run the event every 1 minute (or so) for auto refresh:

/* monitor for auto change of current active session based on date/time */
    //run every minute
    $('.program p').dateTimeHighlight();
}, 60000);

Even Further thoughts

  • PHP timestamp is executed on the server side (your servers system clock).
  • JavaScript timestamp is executed on the client-side (your pc system clock).
  • A futher check to convert the clients Time Zone settings to the servers to highlight current session (this is something I may look into implementing in the near future so stay tuned for that).

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    very good and useful

    • jQuery4u

      Thanks mate, i’ve just added the HTML snippet too.

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  • Danish Rajkotiya

    how to highlight the div line with current time like google week calender using javascript???

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