jQuery Fullscreen Image Slideshow by Chico

Sam Deering


Today we have a guest post from an inspirational jQuery developer called Chico Charlesworth or simply “Chico”. The guy from London has developed an awesome fullscreen jQuery slideshow plugin. Check out the demo it’s awesome!

Live Demo Download Now

jQuery Fullscreen Slideshow is a simple plugin that allows you to easily create a fullscreen image slideshow with zoom/slide animation.

The live demo shows a slideshow of images associated with my most recent tweets. The download includes the plugin and an example that displays a slideshow of eye-catching images from National Geographic.

Getting Started

  • Include the jQuery library and the jquery.fullscreen.slideshow.js plugin in your webpage.
  • Call $.slideshow() with an array of images to start the slideshow.

About the Plugin

The plugin loads each image in turn and displays them in fullscreen mode, randomly applying the zoom or slide animation. The animation speed and the transition time between images are configurable.

Lastly, I would like to mention that this plugin inherits from Scott Robbin’s Backstretch library, which does a great job of dynamically resizing images to fit the browser window.

Author: Chico Charlesworth

About: http://99layers.com/chico

Twitter: @​ccharlesworth