A One-Month Break from Customer Support, For Free

Ophelie Lechat
Ophelie Lechat

There are three factors to customer satisfaction: quality, consistency and scale. That matters across the board: from your product itself to how your team addresses support.

If you run a business, customer support is either a highlight of your day, or a huge contributor to the background anxiety that sucks energy out of your day. You love your customers, and want to give each request personal attention, as soon as possible! You also love your business and need to focus on the million other tasks on your to-do list. So, too often, the support queue grows, and you know that, at some point, you’ll have to apologize for the late reply.

Influx was born out of the SitePoint Group to help with exactly that.

Our new sister company does this by providing high-quality responses that scale up (or down!) based on your support volume. Best of all, your customers have their queries answered within 5 hours regardless of where they are in the world. You have round-the-clock monitoring for your servers (right?), so why not do the same for your customers?

Here at SitePoint, we’ve been using Influx as part of our customer support team for Learnable, our learning platform, and the experience has been fantastic. Within our first month of using Influx, we cut our average response time in half (to less than 12 hours) while attaining a 100% customer satisfaction rating. As a bonus, our collective stress levels have lowered, too — I’m no longer anxiously looking at our support queue several times a night.

Influx’s basic service is 24 x 7 x 365 support coverage starting at $200/month. To share the love, we’ve struck a deal with Influx to offer 100 SitePoint readers a full month of customer support for free. Fill out the form below to claim your spot: