Incredible Web Designs that Resemble Posters

Tara Hornor

In recent years, a web design trend has emerged in which designers create web pages that resemble the layout of print posters. If you printed out a copy of the entire length of the web page, the printed version would look like it belonged on a wall. Some common elements in these poster-like web designs include long, eye-catching graphics that often stretch the entire length of the page and very readable text blocks that are located in order of importance down the page. Just like posters, these web pages include the most important information first, with additional less attention-grabbing information near the bottom. Each design starts out with bang in order to capture a visitor’s interest quickly, just like an effective poster does with passersby.

Below are some of the best examples of web pages that follow this poster design trend. Browse the list, get inspired, and if you ever decide to design a web page in this fashion, let us know!

We Came From Mars

This amazing web page begins as if at Mars. Continue scrolling down the page to see a video, facts, links, and more until you reach Earth.

Prepare to Activate

This very clever site includes a zip line at the top of the page on which an illustrated character keeps sliding down. On the left side of the page is a man atop a tree stand that extends the length of the page.

Good Foot App

One of my favorites, this site is actually quite simple, like a minimalist poster. The background of the city line extends down the long page with text and images placed in order of importance.

Scroll down this site to watch a lengthy illustration unfold. Unlike a poster, items in the illustration bob slightly as if they are really underwater.

Manufacture D’Essai

If printed out, this web page could be broken into several posters, each with its own message. The photos are simply gorgeous!


A beautiful design, this web page lists the items in the exact order of the header menu at the top. The ribbons of text are a very nice touch.


This creative design is not only beautiful but also very well-laid out. The information is easy to skim in a glance, just as with an effective poster.

Amanda Stevens

A headline that sits directly center top, information that is neatly contained in the center, and an intriguing image for the background makes for a very intriguing design. Did you notice the upside down trees at the bottom of the page?

Phase 2 Design Studio

Follow the pipe line down the page to see beautiful illustrations and typography. The menu on the left side previews the content contained down the length of the page.

Full Stop

A very eye-catching illustration and logo capture attention at the top of the page. The rest of the information is neatly laid out in sections filled with large, easy-to-read text.