By Sam Deering

Example Google Maps JSON File

By Sam Deering

This is an example of a Google Maps JSON file which you might see used to store configuration settings to setup your system. It might also be used to contain Google Maps record information which can be easily shared across components using the simple JSON format.

Also: See more JSON examples.


{"markers": [
			"point":new GLatLng(40.266044,-74.718479), 
			"homeTeam":"Lawrence Library",
			"information": "Linux users group meets second Wednesday of each month.",
			"fixture":"Wednesday 7pm",
			"point":new GLatLng(40.211600,-74.695702),
			"homeTeam":"Hamilton Library",
			"awayTeam":"LUGip HW SIG",
			"information": "Linux users can meet the first Tuesday of the month to work out harward and configuration issues.",
			"fixture":"Tuesday 7pm",
			"point":new GLatLng(40.294535,-74.682012),
			"awayTeam":"After LUPip Mtg Spot",
			"information": "Some of us go there after the main LUGip meeting, drink brews, and talk.",
			"fixture":"Wednesday whenever",
			"capacity":"2 to 4 pints",
] }
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