Here are some popular JSON file examples to get you going with some common everyday JSON tasks. The JSON schema is very simple and much less clustered than XML (and easier to read in my opinion). They contain basic JSON data set examples so you can just populate them with whatever data you want.

If you want to know the basics of JSON and how to use it take a look at this simple JSON jQuery Post.

  1. Example Google Maps JSON File
  2. Example Colors JSON File
  3. Example Twitter JSON File
  4. Example Facebook JSON File
  5. Example Flikr JSON File
  6. Example YouTube JSON File
  7. Example iPhone JSON File
  8. Example Customer Form JSON File
  9. Example Products Database JSON File
  10. Example Interoperability JSON File
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Sam Deering is a Front-end Web Developer who specialises in JavaScript & jQuery. Sam is driven and passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others.
  • http://www.try2go.com Azarudeen

    i need ajax json for ean.com for hotel booking.Its the api booking of hotel using json method it’s really complicated . Can you help me


    JSON is a machine-readable language. While you are working with it, if you would like it to be machine-readable, you can convert the file using a free tool – json-csv.com

  • Paul Clark

    Useful reference data but I don’t understand the Google example – it has executable JS in it (new GLatLng…) – not pure JSON

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