By Shayne Tilley

Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong!

By Shayne Tilley

Cover: Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong!
If you think you’re using all that CSS has to offer, you’re WRONG — Don’t be left behind!

We’re very proud to announce the latest addition to the SitePoint library…

Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong! — By Rachel Andrew & Kevin Yank

Get ready to experience an eye-opening exposé on CSS as you know it today. You’ll discover a fresh approach to coding Cascading Style Sheets, making old hacks and workarounds a distant memory.

What? Something new about CSS!

That’s right; in this brand new book, you’ll learn how to start using the very latest CSS techniques—whilst still catering for those nasty old browsers. You’ll unearth what’s put the final nail in the HTML table-based layout coffin, and learn from two experts why CSS has a very bright future.

Some of the valuable insights in this book include:

  • allowing you to rediscover what you first loved about CSS
  • how to take CSS tables to the limit and beyond
  • discovering the road ahead to CSS3
  • how you can prepare for IE8
  • letting you say goodbye to old hacks and workarounds FOREVER!

We’ve assembled an all-star line up of the world’s best CSS specialists to deliver a book that will change the way you use CSS forever.

Written by Rachel Andrew & Kevin Yank with special contributions from Cameron Adams, Andy Clarke, Jonathan Snook, and Derek Featherstone, you’ll not find a greater collective source of CSS wisdom.

This is not ‘just another book about CSS’ it’s a book aimed squarely at web designers and developers who want to ensure they’re up-to-date with the very latest, best-practice CSS techniques.

Here’s what Andy Clarke & Ian Lloyd think of the book:

Making me think differently about CSS tables is Rachel’s aim in Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong! As we’ll see, she does a damn fine job.

View Andy Clarke’s full review

The sooner that IE8 can be adopted, the better, and these techniques can start to get a proper working out. Who knows, there may be a whole new raft of tricks that will arise as a result of these CSS table layout properties…

View Ian Lloyd’s full review

Grab yourself a copy today and let Rachel and Kevin show you why everything you know about CSS is wrong!

  • Nice! Btw, you have Andy’s and Ian’s review URLS mixed up there Shayne.

  • Thanks Simon, all fixed!


    so is that title an upgrade/update/corrections for ‘The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition’ which released last year?

  • Robert

    Does it state clearly which items function in IE6 and which not?

  • If you’re after a little more information on the book. Kevin has recorded this

  • Katia

    This sounds like a fantastic and exciting book to explain and embrace the new CSS specifications.. I love the power of CSS and the theory behind all the things you should be able to do with it (ignoring cross browser hacks etc).

    HOWEVER as a website developer working in the real world – I can’t help but know that all the cool new CSS specifications will be unsupported older browsers, and it will not be practical to implement these new properties etc for some time..

    You cannot ignore the fact that a high percentage of people still use Internet Explorer 6 and are highly unlikely to EVER upgrade. Believe me, I wish we could ignore these people and/or blow up IE6, but I work in the real world..

  • Looks like a good book. But final verdict can be given only after trying it.

  • Shady

    Though I respect Kevin Yank, the name of this book turns me off. Therefore I would never consider it.

  • The title seems a bit…hm…But the name of the author and the review makes me to try it, however

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