Display Blog Ads Spots in Random Order

By Sam Deering

To make it fair for everyone who has signed up a jQuery ad on the blog I have wrote a nifty little function to load the ads in a random order. There is also a shuffle button as a demo for creating a random shuffle on the ad spots manually. This function could be made more customisable but does the job.

Try it out for yourself (look at the right sidebar!).


The code

//Function to display ads on the jQuery Blog and shuffle
   var displayAds = {

       ads: {
           1: {
                title: "jQuery UI Widgets for PC, Mobile and Touch devices",
                href: "",
                img: "jqwidgets.png"
           2: {
                title: "jQuery Chop Slider 2.0 - The most eye catching image slider on the internet!",
                href: "",
                img: "idangerous.jpg"
           3: {
                title: "Sauce Labs - Online Cross Browser Testing",
                href: "",
                img: "sauce-labs.jpg"
           4: {
                title: "Diamond Slider - Ken Burns Effect & Unlimited Transitions",
                href: "",
                img: "diamond-slider.jpg"
           5: {
                title: "AJAX Zoom - jQuery Dynamic 2d/360 Degrees Zoom with ipad support.",
                href: "",
                img: "ajax-zoom.jpg"

       signupAd: {
           title: "Advertise here",
           href: ""

       shuffleAds: function(arr)
          for(var j, x, i = arr.length; i; j = parseInt(Math.random() * i), x = arr[--i], arr[i] = arr[j], arr[j] = x);
          return arr;

       load: function()
           var adContainer = $('#jq4u-sidebar-ads').empty(), adsArray = Array();

           /* construct ads */
           $.each(, function(i,v)
' + v.title + '
'); }); /* shuffle ads in random order */ adsArray = this.shuffleAds(adsArray); /* output ads */ $.each(adsArray, function(i,v) { adContainer.append(v); }); /* add the signup ad */ adContainer.append('
' + this.signupAd.title + '
'); /* show shuffle button */ adContainer.append('Shuffle'); $('#shuffle-ads').live('click', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); displayAds.load(); }); $('#shuffle-ads').show(); } } $(document).ready(function() { displayAds.load(); }); })(jQuery);
  • greg

    this is a useful script, but whats the trick for making it work?
    i set it up (including jquery lib first), made a div with the id listed in the load: and no errors, but not populating div either? o.0

    • jQuery4u

      Hi Greg, did you manage to get it working?



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