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By Jennifer Farley

Content Aware Fill In Photoshop CS5

By Jennifer Farley

Adobe have officially announced the unveiling of Creative Suite 5 on April 12. It’s not the actual release date of the software, you won’t be able to buy it that day, but you will be able to see what’s included in CS5. If you’re interested you can go over to their site to see the countdown and some sneak peek videos.

In the last day or two some video has appeared on the web showing off some of the new features, and of particular interest is the Content Aware Filter in Photoshop, and it looks mighty impressive. Content Aware Scaling arrived in Photoshop CS4 and it was pretty spectacular then, but the improved filter in CS5 looks magical to say the least.

Here’s the video showing the filter in action. It’s narrated by Bryan O’Neill Hughes, product manager at Adobe. He shows three examples of retouching using just selection tools in conjunction with the selection tool.


Prepare to be impressed.

While this looks absolutely amazing and very exciting, the question is, what else will be included in the new version to make users upgrade or buy CS5. From chatting to people, I know that many skipped the upgrade from CS3 to CS4 because a) it was simply too expensive and b) there weren’t enough changes in the program to warrant an upgrade. So I can’t wait to see what else is coming.

Another question that could be asked is where does this leave photography? We’re already at the point where you literally can’t believe your eyes any more. Does a filter like this take away the need for basic photography skills such as good composition?

Do you plan to upgrade or buy Photoshop CS5?

  • just_passing_by

    The video shows the Content-aware fill/repair tool, not scaling. But it still is amazing, even hard to believe it’s for real ;-)

  • auhoque

    This is great. Thanks Adobe

  • LFA

    Does a filter like this take away the need for basic photography skills such as good composition?

    Perhaps, but not the joy of good composition…

  • I saw this earlier in a slashdot article. Took me a moment to pick my jaw off from the floor. I use Fireworks to do most graphics work, but I own the complete CS4 Master Suite and can use Photoshop when I need to. This looks to be a time when I’ll need to.

  • sold_onCS5

    Ok, I admit it, I’m impressed, damn going to have to save up now!

  • What impresses me more is not the Photoshop effects (I think we reached the point where you can’t trust a photo looong ago), but the After Effects stuff. I mean, just watch

    Up until I just watched this, I always thought that whatever effects you apply to a video, surely it would be hard to make a video that completely removes or replaces somehing, without there being some special preparation in the input (as they do in Hollywoord), but that sneak peek of After Effects CS5 just blew me away. They could mark an arbitrary area in a single frame, replace it with a Photoshop-ed version (whether it’s simply an enchances image or a version without something), and propagate that thoughout the entire movie… WOW.

    The only thing we’re missing now are convincing sound alteration tools… and maybe facial expression alteration tools. As soon as we have those, you could (at least in theory) record someone saying “Let’s be friends”, and then alter him to say “I’ll kill you”, and actually alter his lips too. What will the courts think?

  • next2heaven

    Ya…not scaling. Fill or repair.

  • NetNerd85

    Amazing, worth every dollar of an upgrade! Finally a great feature for programmers to be better “designers” ;)

  • Anonymous

    This maybe looks good, but I wonder if it really does the job like he showed on that video.
    Besides, I absolutely hate Adobe’s policy of releasing CS versions every two years, while totally ignoring subversion upgrades and bug fixing.

    Let’s face it, from CS2 to CS4, there were only minor changes in tools. And this new tool alone does not justify the price. Adobe used to be visionary, but now are just as bad as Microsoft. From bloated Acrobat reader, CS to just awfully buggy Flash.

  • I still prefer using Photoshop 7! It has everything I need and launches as fast as Notepad :)

  • Looks great how much is the full release?

  • Wardrop

    I agree with the previous comment. There’s nothing worse than obvious bugs being ignored in favour of releasing a completely new version of a product with bug fixes you have to essentially pay for. That’s one of the sole reasons I had to upgrade here at work. Adobe Illustrator CS3 had some really annoying bugs which greatly affected my work, and despite being relatively obvious, nothing was done about them because it would be more economical for Adobe to fix these in the new version which you have to buy.

  • tom_dot

    It’s worth mentioning that The Gimp has had a plugin that does this for ages.

    Of course, it’s nowhere near as polished, and has some obscure options (as is traditional with gimp tools ;-) ) but it’s reasonable useful in certain specific situations. Or at least as a very rough preview of CS5.

    CS5 is looking awesome though… might finally be time to upgrade.

  • Matt

    Some even better examples of this awesome content-aware feature:

    So amazing!

  • Matt

    Some even better examples of this awesome content-aware feature:

    So amazing!

  • slacle

    I was gonna post “Some even better examples of this awesome content-aware feature” but Matt beat me to it :D

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