Christmas Countdown: All Previous 22 Deals Are Back for 1 Day Only!

By Shayne Tilley

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For the second-last day of our Christmas Countdown, we’re going to open the floodgates and make ALL deals to date available for one more day!

So, if you missed out on a deal you really wanted, now’s your chance …

Even our deals that were sold out are available again — but if you take up one of those offers, you need to be prepared to wait until late January for the stock to arrive.

Our deals so far:

What are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself any of our 22 deals now.

  • Franck

    Hi Shayne…
    I’m only interested in PDF offer, so I like day 11 & 15… whatever combination I make, I’m pssssed that a better offer will be available tomorrow…

    I don’t need the pdf books right now, but if tomorrow is an offer coming with print versions and/or complete and expensive book set, I won’t be able to take profit of it…

    This psss is quite misleading. I had my credit card already in hands… and maybe tomorrow, it won’t fit my needs at all…

  • Franck — without giving you to much info, you’re going to be pleased you waited. I promise it will all make sense tomorrow.

  • Franck

    Thanks Shayne for the psss… confirmation! It was indeed really worth waiting…
    I must say today deal is really outstanding and particularly generous :)

  • phila82r

    Ohhhh no way! I missed the All Previous 22 Deals Are Back for 1 Day Only!? Darn it…

  • shoot an email to books at — we’ll sort something out for you.

  • Joe

    I think i bought $500 worth of stuff from you guys this month. I am very thankful for the deals, especially day 24. I had a very specific PDF in mind (photoshop anthology) that I was waiting for a deal on, and that was the best deal I could have gotten! I was hoping the SEO kit would be on sale at some point, but, i guess i cant really ask for much more. And, atleast a months worth of reading and 6 months worth of digesting and putting into practice in front of me anyways.

    So anyway, thanks a lot!

  • AndyDH

    Can’t wait to get my hands on my orders, have any idea as to when everything will be shipped? I ordered the second (Day23) chance offer for “Database Driven Websites with PHP and MySQL.” So I know that was waiting on a reprint, but every time I try to check the status of my order, it says it can’t check the status of that order. Any word on when those reprints are expected in and when they will be shipping?

    Thanks a bunch, great promotion!

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